Custom Embroidery
Custom Embroidery
Another way to customize your Corbin saddle! Check out our new online embroidery configurator HERE.
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2024 Rallies
Rally ScheduleCatch team Corbin on the road at a motorcycle event near you! Click HERE for details.
A Free Seat?
Free Seats!
R&D needs bikes and you get a free seat if you're willing to loan us yours! Check the list of our currently needed HERE.
Corbin Seat Care
Do's and Don'ts of Saddle Care

1. Remove your new saddle carefully from the packaging. Please don't use a knife on the box or you may cut the seat inside!

2. Inspect shipping container for obvious damage and notify carrier if there is a problem. We cannot be responsible for damage from the freight company, but we can help you get if rectified if there is a problem. Make sure you notify the carrier if there is a potential problem.

3. Save the original packaging in case you ever need warranty work.

4. Mount your saddle on the motorcycle before testing it, that's the ONLY way to see how it's gonna feel.

5. Always follow proper care instructions as outlined on the next page. Take good care of your saddle and it will take good care of you.

6. Protect your new saddle from physical damage that may be caused by screwdrivers and such while installing. Hey, don't forget that one you stuck in your back pocket!

7. Protect your saddle from pets! Cats love to sharpen their claws on leather products and your dog may decide that it's a really cool chew toy...remember, we warned you!

8. Save your receipt (did I really have to say that?) If your saddle needs any warranty work, we must have a receipt... If you purchased it from your local dealer, please have them arrange the warranty work with us.

9. Please remove your saddle from the bike when you wash it. Its a simple thing to do and will save you some hassles and a wet-butt later on.
1. Don't use a knife to open any of the packaging while removing your new saddle. Wait a minute... didn't I just say that? Hmmm... this one must really be important.

2. Never set your seat on the ground and sit on it. This will cause damage to the saddle's cover at the edge of the basepan and will VOID the warranty on the cover. PLEASE don't do this, its only gonna make everybody miserable (both you and us!)

3. Don't leave your seat uncovered in the rain. This won't hurt the seat, but it'll get you wet later and make you uncomfortable. Corbin saddles are ergonomically shaped and this shape, although comfortable, has a tendancy to collect water.

4. Don't leave your new seat out for your dog or cat to play with. This also applies to rodents, lizards, bears, raccoons, alpacas, aardvarks, armadillos and marmotts. (Please note: we do not warrant that Corbin saddles are suitable for pets not listed here either.)

5. Don't ride passengers on snakeskin covered sections of your saddle (if any). Genuine snakeskin is a very fragile material and is really only recommended for show bikes that are well protected from the elements and not subjected to abuse. This does not apply to our Faux-snakeskin material.

6. Don't drop it! Once again, this will damage the cover at the edge of the basepan and is not eligible for warranty repair. Please be careful, we don't want you mad at us.

7. No petroleum based cleaners/conditioners... these chemicals can shorten the lifespan of your saddle's cover. If you need a cleaner or conditioner, we have our own lineup of stuff or just check the contents of whatever you currently use.

8. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate... especially watch out for that "spindle" thing.