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Custom Embroidery
Another way to customize your Corbin saddle! Check out our new online embroidery configurator HERE.
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Free Seats!
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Saddle Care 101

Following are some guidelines for the maintenance of Corbin saddles and the various types of cover materials. Although we use only the highest quality materials in the manufacture of our product, care should be taken to assure that your investment will give you years of enjoyment.

Saddle Base: The Corbin Fibertech basepan does not require any maintenance. However, you should periodically remove the saddle from the bike and clean the rubber bumpers and corresponding contact areas on your bike. This will assure that your paint won't get scratched by trapped dirt or grit. While you're there, assure all brackets are tight and have not worked loose.

Seat Foam: The only maintenance required for your saddle's foam is to break it in. The only way you're going to do that is to ride it. We recommend you do this often... any chance you get as a matter of fact.

Leather cover: The best material to use for your streetbike saddle! To protect and extend the life of a leather saddle, we suggest that you periodically apply a coating of Corbin's Saddle Cream or similar product. This will prolong the life of the leather and help it to resist moisture. Frequent conditioning will also enhance the hide's resilience and suppleness so your leather seat breaks in gracefully.

We strongly suggest that you avoid any cleaners or conditioners with a petroleum or kerosene base as they cause color fading and/or cracking. Look for conditioners and cleaners with a silicone or parafin base. Remember, the appearance of scars or marks on the hide are signs that you have, in fact, purchased a genuine leather product. These marks will not inhibit the life or performance of the product and should in no way be considered a defect.

Vinyl cover: Vinyl is an extremely durable and weather resistant product and therefore requires little care. As with leather, we strongly suggest that you avoid any cleaners or conditioners with a petroleum base as they will lead to fading and eventual breakdown of the material. Cleaning can be achieved with Corbin Saddle Cream or similar product.

Velour cover: Velour weathers quickly on a motorcycle seat. We suggest a generous coating of a fabric protectant regularly to keep your saddle looking clean longer. Velour must also be protected from rain as the material absorbs water quickly. It is, however, an extremely attractive and comfortable material on which to ride, though it doesn't stay clean for long.

Backrests: Be sure to regularly check the safety screw that secures your backrest into the Corbin saddle. Be sure that it is tight and will not allow the backrest to slide from the saddle.

Moving Parts: Believe it or not, some Corbin saddles DO have moving parts... our Rumble seats are a prime example of this. In the case of Rumble Seats, we use a high temp stainless steel lubricant that should be good for the life of the saddle (unless you have spilled solvents inside it). Every once in a while you may want to assure no debris has collected in the hinge.

Just a little care and your new Corbin Saddle will be a good friend for many years!