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ST 1300 Close Saddle & Standard Saddle Comparison

Choosing the right saddle is very important in providing as much comfort as possible. As well as stature, it is important to consider riding style. Some riders like to have room to slide forward or backward in the saddle which allows them to ride more aggressively. This also allows you to lean forward more which gets you behind the fairing for better wind protection. However, other riders prefer to have the bucket up further to give more posterior support. In the end (no pun intended) the decision is yours... but to help alleviate some confusion, we had a variety of our riding staff try 'em out and give their opinions. Here's the final data.

Alex: 5' 8"
Inseam: 30"

Alex prefers the Close version because it offers better ground reach and is also closer to the bars. From the saddle, he can reach the ground on both sides on the balls of his feet (not flat footed).

Michael: 6' 1"
Inseam: 34"

Michael could use either of the seat models on the ST. He can stand flat footed with either model. The standard model is a good fit allowing room to slide backward as desired.

Jay: 5' 9"
Inseam: 30"

Jay felt the same way on the Close version as Alex. Reach to the bars is good and ground reach suitable. Good contact with both feet, but not flat footed.

Mike: 6' 4"
Inseam: 35"

Flat footed reach to the ground (of course). Good fit in the seat with room to move forward and backward without cramping in the legs. Standard model is a good choice.

Blair: 6' 0"
Inseam: 32"

Blair has good reach on both seats, but liked the posture of the Close version for a more relaxed reach to the bars and an easy posture. Ground reach is flat footed on both sides.

Rider: 6' 1"
Inseam: 33"

Rider tried out both seats and fit fairly well on both. He is right in the range where it is really a matter of personal preference. In this particular case, he found the Close version more comfortable.

Rider: 6' 1"
Inseam: 33"

Rider is also shown on the Standard model at right, but found the more forward seating of the Close to be more suitable to his riding. Either seat would work, but this model just felt a little better.

Greg: 6' 5"
Inseam: 36"

Just a couple inches shy of playing pro basketball, the choice was simple here! Standard model gives good leg room and handlebar reach. Ground reach is a non-issue of course.