Corbin Motors Sparrow Seat Cover
You remember the Sparrow don't you? Mike Corbin designed this fab little single-passenger, electric car a few years back as a commuter vehicle. Dubbed the "Personal Transit Module", it's freeway legal and can drive in carpool lanes. Charge it overnight and the average commuter could get to work and back for pennies a day. Beats the heck out of the near-three-dollar-per-gallon price tag we're paying for gas in California nowadays. Not to mention it's a zero emissions vehicle so it's great for the environment.
Perhaps ahead of its time, the Sparrow went out of production by sister company Corbin Motors amid a flurry of controversy in 2003. Naturally there was nobody more saddened by the loss than us. Many of the original Sparrows are still on the road and have a very loyal group of owners and enthusiasts. Development of the Sparrow concept continues to this day through various companies and individuals whose efforts are true to the belief that the Sparrow can change the world.
Ourselves? Hey, we're just a bunch of seat makers. And yes, if you've got a Sparrow and you need a new seat cover, we can help you out. Just give us a call or write to us HERE and we can get all the details about what color leather you want, what color welts, etc. Each cover is custom, hand made with your choice of colors... we even include the Sparrow Logo inlaid in the head rest area.

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