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Craig Vetter's Fuel Economy Challenge
Friday July 6, 2018

vetter challenge "Half the petroleum we use in our vehicles is imported. This is making us poor and them rich. The goal is to live better on less energy. Fuel economy begins with streamlining and the correct horsepower"
-Craig Vetter

We are pleased to announce Corbin's 50th Anniversary Celebration has been added to the Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge dates.

This Independence Day weekend become independent of foreign power! The goal of the Vetter Fuel Challenge is to discover the least amount of energy (in dollars and cents) to travel the way people really drive. It's about using less fuel and saving money in the process. The challenge is open to all two and three wheel vehicles with categories for traditional Internal Combustion, Electrics and Alternative Fuels.

Participants of this high mileage contest will depart from the Corbin Factory in Hollister, California. This will be a ride through beautiful California countryside to a short break at a coffee shop and a return trip that includes a cruise up Main street through downtown Hollister. The ride will be at posted speed limits and rules of the road must be followed. Awards will be presented at the end of the journey.

New to The Challenge is the requirement that vehicles must have a reasonable method to carry small cargo. In this case, the Vetter Team is defining cargo as room for a few bags of groceries. Remember, this is about being usable in real life situations.

The Challenge kicks off with a rider's meeting on Friday July 6th at 9:00am. Click HERE to download the complete schedule and prepare for a great day.

Vetter Fuel Challenge Goals & Rules: Click HERE.

History and Photos: Click HERE.
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