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2010 Micro / Mini Car World Meet &
Small Wonder's Microcar Museum

2010 Micro Car World Meet

Published: September 1, 2010
The Small Wonders Microcar Museum located in Crystal Lake, IL is a private museum open to the public by appointment only. Inside The Barn you'll find an amazing collection of vintage microcars along with a special section featuring 40 years of Corbin's own design history. This section includes the prototype #1 Sparrow "proof of concept" vehicle as well as one of Mike's production electric motorcycles from the `70s.

Mike was really pleased to have the opportunity to visit with proprietor Ken Weger and get some pics of the incredible museum he's created. It was also an excellent opportunity to catch up with long time pal Leo Doyle who currently owns ten Corbin Motors vehicles. We're pretty sure that has to be some kind of record. Thanks a lot guys!

Naturally it made the most sense to time the trip to coincide with the first ever Micro / Mini Car World Meet that took place August 21-22 in the Chicago suburb. Hundreds of folks from around the nation registered their vehicles and quite a few from overseas as well. Some of the many brands in abundance were: Austin Mini, Citroen, Crosley, Fiat, Isetta, Messerschmitt, Subaru and Velorex. Thousands of spectators attended this first ever World Meet.

Boss man brought the digi-cam along for the ride so we've compiled a Image Gallery for you to check out. Please note: The gallery will open in a new window.

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