Kawasaki Paint Matches

Model Year Color
Any Bike All Corbin Gloss Black
Various All Pearl Lime Green
Various All Metallic Ocean Blue
Various All Phantom Silver
Various All Galaxy Silver Type #2
Various All Metallic Titanium
Various All Metallic Ocean Blue
Concours 1400 All Diablo Black
Concours 1400 All Candy Red Diamond
Concours 1400 All Neutron Silver
Mean Streak All Magma Red Pearl
Mean Streak All Pearl Black
Vulcan 900 All Imperial Red
Vulcan 900 All Polaris Blue
Vulcan 900 All Atomic Silver
Vulcan 900 All Carribean Blue
Vulcan 1600 All Canyon Silver
Vulcan 1600 All Canyon Silver
Vulcan 1600 All Pearl Burnish Beige
Vulcan 1600 All Pearl Crystal White
Vulcan 1600 All Ruby Red
Vulcan 2000 All Pearl Majestic Red
Vulcan 2000 2004 Metallic Dark Purple
Vulcan 2000 2004 Pearl Glacial Blue
Vulcan 2000 2005 Ebony Black
Vulcan 2000 2005 Metallic Dark Green
ZRX All Pearl Jade Green
ZRX All Pearl Black
ZRX 1200 2003 Candy Blue
ZRX All Passion Red
ZX-12 R 2000-2002 Candy Lime Green
ZX-12 R 2000-2002 Candy Red
ZX-12 R 2003 Lime Green
ZX-12 R 2003 Cosmic Red
ZX-12 R 2004 Candy Thunder Blue
ZX-14 All Plasma Blue
ZX-14 All Pearl White
ZX-14 All Passion Red
ZX-14 All Flat Spark Black
ZX-14 All Saphire Blue
ZZR 1200 2004 Moon Light Silver

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