To Whom It May Concern...
This may only be the second letter I've ever written to a company expressing my satisfaction with a product I've purchased, and I've been around for 59 years. About a month and a half ago, I purchased your Gunfighter seat for my 2003 Suzuki 1400 Intruder. I loved the seat from the first moment I sat on it, and now, after spending close to 2,000 miles in it, I'm still just as satisfied, if not more so. And, it looks great on my bike, especially after I removed the factory sissy bar (pictures below).

Anyway, thanks much for a great product. It isn't every day that one gets his money's worth when making a purchase.

A Satisfied Customer...
Dave Schlosser

* * * * * * * * * *

I received your saddle last night and am speechless. It's the most gorgeous thing I ever saw and the quality and attention to detail is stunning - and it comfortably fits my rear end like a hand in a soft glove. I took it for a ride last night, even though it was 25 degrees outside. I couldn't feel my face, but my butt was happy. Thanks so much for building the perfect saddle for me - and making it absolutely perfect! It dresses up my bike like you can't believe. This won't be the last time I order a Corbin - and please know I'll send you as much business as I can.

Take care, Don, and have a Merry Christmas - you sure gave me one!

Thanks, brother.
G. Stan Meloy, Ph.D.

* * * * * * * * * *

Thank you. I have received my throne, One word - BEAUTIFUL! Of course it has arrived just as the weather has turned for the worse. I can't wait to get out on the road with it. Again, my compliments to you and your team - you guys do excellent work.

Randy Thompson

* * * * * * * * * *

I received my gunfighter seat for my 1400 Intruder Saturday night around 8:45pm from Fed-X. I put it on today and it looks incredible. The bike dressed the seat up nicely. Thank you for a quality product in a timely fashion. I received it in less then 2 weeks from when I ordered it. And that was shipping it out to North Carolina. Your company has great customer service.

I grew up in Hollister and moved out in 1977 when I graduated from high school. I still have family that lives there. My father was a doctor in Hollister for 43 years. He is Robert Quinn. He is not pleased that I ride motorcycles, but I am.

Highest regards, and many thanks,
Brian Quinn

* * * * * * * * * *

I received my seat December 13th. I installed the seat that after noon and all I can say is FANTASTIC.

I did a lot of research over the internet in biker forums and the results were that Corbin was the absolute best. I now include myself as saying it is the best.

It makes my riding for me and my wife on my 1400 much more comfortable as well as having the best looking custom seat.

Count me as a satisfied customer.
Thanks again Sergio.
Ed Dix

* * * * * * * * * *

I received the Corbin Seat custom designed for my short stature the day before a planned a 300 mile jaunt through southwest Arizona. The seat really, REALLY looks fine and is definitely more comfortable than the stock seat. I did not think that it was much firmer than the stock seat so I hope that I'm happily surprised when the seat is broken in. Fit and finish were excellent. Thanks Pedro. A really nice ride made moreso by a fine seat.

Ellwyn Lee Campbell

* * * * * * * * * * *

The new seat is fantastic! My wife had complained that the stock passenger seat was too narrow and not supportive. I thought the driver's seat was fine, wow, was I mistaken. I installed the new seat and in 15 minutes, we were off riding. The seat follows the body lines better, passenger seat is much wider and thicker and driver's seat fits so much better. We are very pleased with the new seat and will certainly buy another Corbin when we get a different bike.

Thanks again,
Nick R.