Genuine leather seating
For a luxurious ride

With few exceptions (seats for off-road bikes), we include genuine leather seating panels in all Corbin saddles. A natural product, leather provides a luxurious ride by allowing your body to breathe while in contact with the seat. Leather is also extremely durable so it will last in the harsh environment your bike is subjected to.

Genuine leather will also adapt with the foam shape to support the personalized fit after break in. This is why we recommend using vinyl instead of leather in the SIDE areas of your seat. Vinyl will "spring back" instead of stretching, so it will support the foam shape and stay looking new.

We have a wide range of specialty leathers & vinyls available for covering your Corbin saddle, but beware the Kid in a Candy Store syndrome. Most people that create wild seat cover designs end up unhappy with them over time and admit they went crazy just because they could. So even though we let you choose any materials you want for your seat, doesn't mean you SHOULD... sometimes less is more.

Lastly, be sure to care for your leather properly with a quality conditioner like Corbin's Saddle Cream. This will help it to resist the elements and stay water resistant and looking sharp longer. Over time you can expect your saddle to break in and develop its own unique character, just like your leather jacket or gloves.

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