I just installed my new Corbin seat for my Honda CTX700 and I could not be more satisfied! As you may know the CTX700 was designed for low center of gravity and low seat height at 28" and I needed a seat with back support, so I went to Corbin. But you advertised that the height with your seat would be 31.5", so I asked you to do what you could to get the height as low as possible. I think you committed to a 30". You sent it to your expert and what a great job he/she did! I believe the height is even lower then the stock seat and it is a perfect fit for me. I am really happy with this seat. Any other prospective buyer with a CTX would too! I suggest making my seat the norm for the CTX. It is great!

Pete Canizaro

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Great product! Good Job! Want to say thanks to everyone who made my saddle for my CTX700. I love it!

Thank you,

Chris Thompson