The seat for my Ď08 Harley Rocker-C arrived yesterday in perfect condition. It was installed yesterday afternoon and by some unusual stroke of luck (good this time) the temperature here was about 70 degrees. Mid 40ís or so would be typical here this time of year.

I had a chance to plant my butt in a nice, comfortable seat and actually ride a few miles. I canít even begin to tell you the difference in this seat and the original seat ...

Many thanks for the prompt service and excellent seat !
Len White

* * * * * * * * * * *

I would almost slide off the back of the Rocker-C with that silly, trick, stock seat. I hated the stock seat and began to hate the bike until I got the Corbin Classic Solo seat. Now the Rocker-C and me are ONE! Whether cruising or speeding.

Vernard T.