Dear Sir or Ma'am:

I own a 1998 BMW R1200C Cruiser; I bought a pair of Beetlebags from your factory four or five years ago. I have been very happy with the bags, having traveled, commuted, etc. with them extensively since. They double my carry capacity, and I rarely have to pack an external bag.

I have had no problem with the bags until two days ago, when the starboard lid lock spit out its catch mechanism. It appeared that some sort of detent on the latch catch broke.

I just spoke with James, whom your receptionist referred me to when I described the problem to her. James found my original purchase record, updated it with my new address, and arranged to send me two new latches (I was planning to replace both anyway, anticipating that it was just a matter of time before the port latch failed). I was very pleasantly surprised when I asked James what the latches would cost and he told me there would be no charge. That is really standing behind your product, and I am very impressed. I have praised the Beetlebags to everyone who has asked about them, and this just reinforces that - I will enthusiastically recommend your company to anyone.

Thanks for your great customer-service ethos, and keep it up.

Kelvin Williams