Hollister Rally
Hollister Rally
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Free Seats!
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Categories & Judging

The IMBBA points system is unique and simplistic, and does not require the use of classifications. IMBBA judges score motorcycles individually based on "Fit, Form, Function and Safety" in eight different areas (engine/drivetrain, front end, paint, etc). The points are awarded according to IMBBA published guidelines based on industry and safety standards that are strictly adhered to by IMBBA certified judges.

All entries are judged strictly on their own merits, your bike is not competing against other entries. Due to this, we have greatly simplified the catagories at the Corbin event and will be separating bikes as follows:

Vintage & Classic: Any two/three wheel motorcycle either foreign or domestic that is of antique origin or appears so, whether still in existence as a manufacturer or not. This class is open to restored, un-restored and custom motorcycles. We're going with the traditional definition of "classic" as being anything over 25 years old.

Radical Custom: Unlimited class. One-off, custom two-wheeled motorcycle based on a modified, aftermarket, custom or OEM frame. Any drivetrain is acceptable. Open to foreign and domestic models.

Mild Custom: Stock frame, Engine Mods, sheetmetal/body work (including paint), suspension, chrome accessories, custom wheels, seat, exhaust, and handle bars are all allowed. Open to foreign and domestic models.

Best In Show: IMBBA judges will tally the score cards and the highest score, regardless of class, will take the Best in Show title. Winner of Best in Show title receives this prize instead of their respective category title. All entries are eligible for Best in Show.

Helpful Notes:
  • Entries are subject to re-classification, by Lead Judge, during check-in.
  • Minor defects from riding (chips, fading, etc.) will NOT be counted against the bike.
  • Cleanness counts... 'nuff said.
  • Bikes are scored on their own merits, not against other bikes.
  • All decisions of the Judges are final.
  • Judges will be available after the show if you would like to review your bike's points.
For additional information about the International Master Bike Builders Association and the point based scoring system, see their website at: MasterBikeBuilders.com.
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