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Corbin Times Home Edition
December 13, 2010

Hollywood Solo
This will be our last newsletter before the holidays so we'd like to take this moment to say   Merry Christmas!

* * * NEW PRODUCTS * * *
Here's the latest from our R&D shop

Hollywood Solo saddle & Pillion for 2009+ HD Baggers       HERE
Tall Boy seat for Suzuki Boulevard M109 R       Online Soon
Dual Touring saddle for 2010 Honda Stateline / Interstate       Online Soon
Dual Touring saddle for 2010 HD Dyna Wide-Glide       Online Soon
Rear Fender for 2009+ HD Baggers       Online Soon

* * * COMIN' UP NEXT * * *
Saddle lineup for 2010 Honda Stateline
Saddle lineup for 2010 Honda Interstate
Saddle lineup for 2010 Honda Sabre
Saddle lineup for 2010 HD Dyna Wide-Glide
Gunfighter saddle for Honda CB 750 F

* * * SOCIAL STUDIES * * *
We held out for a really long time and did all of our "socializing" via our website, email, newsletter, online forums and, of course, telephones... But it's due time we joined the online fray. So as of today, we'd like to cordially invite you to hook up with us on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.

Yes, quite possibly we are the last people on Earth to join so we really need you to jump in and friend us so we don't look like such noobs! Thanks in advance.

Facebook Click HERE
Twitter Click HERE
Youtube Click HERE

A little extra bit of Merry Christmas to this month's winner:

Kevin Boudreau

If your name is above (and ONLY if your name appears above) you have won a $300 Corbin Gift Certificate. All you have to do is confirm with me via email that you saw this message. Send an email to with your snail mail address (only Kevin please!) in order to receive the prize. The clock is ticking buddy so be quick about it!

* * * ONE DAY LEFT * * *
Let's face it, who isn't thinking a Corbin seat is the perfect gift for Christmas? Diamonds are over-rated and such a glaring sign of the opulence that was made so unpopular by the likes of Bernie Madoff.

If you agree, then you need to know the time to order is NOW! Just to be clear, when I say "now", what I really mean is "Right Now"! The last day to order a new seat for arrival by Christmas is Wednesday December 15th... that's tomorrow!

Depending on where you are, shipping is a valid concern so waste no time... Call now! Of course if you prefer to go the Gift Certificate route, you have a few more days. You'll find those online right HERE

* * * ON ANY-ER SUNDAY * * *
Dana Brown has begun shooting the next On Any Sunday feature film! Dana's credits include Step into Liquid, High Water and my personal favorite, Dust to Glory. For his next project, Dana will continue the beautiful photography, eye catching sequences and wonderful storytelling that his father Bruce Brown started with the original On Any Sunday in 1971. Still in the early stages, shooting becgan earlier this month at the Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix. We can't wait!

According to ADP lightspeed, Black Friday Parts and Accessory sales were up one percent. That may not sound like a lot, but it's a move in the right direction and an indicator of how things have been going. Overall sales at the V-Twin stores were up 6.6 percent in October, led by a 9.3 percent increase in the saled departments. Now that does sound a whole lot better doesn't it?

* * * MERRY HOLIDAYS * * *
First off, please check out our Animated Greeting Card!

Now, some of our friends that have been reading Chuck's ramblings over the years will remember that he's always been a bit pig headed about saying Merry Christmas instead of the more PC "Happy Holidays". As you probably noted from the very beginning of this missive, that holds true in 2010. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then we certainly want you to enjoy your holiday as well, but that is certainly no reason to not recognize Christmas for everyone else now is it?

Be that as it may some of you will un-subscribe from our newsletter because of it. Please have a nice holiday just the same and remember that once you unsubscribe, we will all be talking behind your back. HA.

Happy New Year too!

* * * TV TIDBITS * * *
Chuck doesn't actually get the HD Theater channel this show runs on, but many folks have been letting me know that Cafe Racer is the show to watch. Lots of nostalgia, great bikes and talented builders. Guess I'll have to play catch up and get it on Netflix when it becomes available. Regardless, it comes highly recommended so check your cable company for availability

Okey-Dokey, gotta lot of stuff to wrap up before we go out on holiday so that's it for now. See ya next year!

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly.
-Andy Rooney
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