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Corbin Times Home Edition
November 19, 2010

2010 Kawasaki Z-1000
First off, from all of us at Corbin's...   Happy Thanksgiving!
Now on to other business.

* * * NEW PRODUCTS * * *
Here's the latest from our R&D shop

Classic Solo saddle & pillions for 2010+ HD Softails       HERE
Tall Boy seat for Suzuki Boulevard M109 R       Online Soon
Front & Rear saddles for 2009-2010 Kawasaki Z-1000       Online Soon
Hollywood Solo w/ New stitch options for 2009+ HD Touring models       Online Soon

* * * COMIN' UP NEXT * * *
Saddle lineup for 2010 Honda Stateline
Saddle lineup for 2010 Honda Interstate
Saddle lineup for 2010 Honda Sabre
Saddle lineup for 2010 HD Dyna Wide-Glide
Gunfighter saddle for Honda CB 750 F

* * * CORBIN ROAD DOGS * * *
This year the Corbin boyz are back on the road at select events around the nation. We're still filling in our schedule at this time, but we know that in addition to our permanent location at the Florida events, we'll be adding Sturgis back into the lineup and possibly Laconia. See you out on the road!

An extra Happy Thanksgiving to this month's lucky winner:

Mike Hahn

If your name is above (and ONLY if your name appears above) you have won a $300 Corbin Gift Certificate. All you have to do is confirm with me via email in the next two weeks that you saw this message. Send an email to with your snail mail address (only Mike please!) in order to receive the prize. The clock is ticking buddy so be quick about it!

* * * BLACK FRIDAY * * *
Wanna go totally crazy with your Black Friday shopping? All you need to do is get up at 3:00am the day after Thanksgiving, point your web browser to and start your shopping on this most consumerist of days. Actually, you could sleep in as late as you want and go to our website whenever you feel like it as it's pretty much there 24/7. But doing it at a rediculous hour on Black Friday makes it sound exciting (or something).

Actually it doesn't sound exciting at all to me... I guess I just don't understand this whole Black Friday thing.

* * * SHAMELESS PLUG #2 * * *
So you don't know what to get your sweetie for Christmas, eh? Well, you know yer ole buddy Chuck and the kids in our shameless plug department have some really great holiday suggestions for you. Got your pencil ready?

Start off by marking yourself down for a posh Corbin tush cushion in a dual rider setup. Now, because you're the thoughtful fellow that you are, you can get your co-pilot a nice new Corbin backrest for her ultimate riding comfort and security. She'll love how it adjusts to her posture and makes her so much more comfortable for the long haul... and hey, that's more quality time together gosh darn it!

Of course it's a great idea... You're welcome. Gift certificates are available HERE.

* * * SEND HATE MAIL TO * * *
Yes, we are aware there are many, MANY female riders. In fact, nobody else makes more seats specifically engineered to allow more riders of varying stature to fit more bike styles than us (shameless plug #3 if you're counting).

We are also aware that the previous insert was quite sexist in nature suggesting that all riders are men and all passengers are women. Believe us when we say we tried to re-write that in a more "PC" fashion, but it was even less funny that way.

If you just refuse to acknowledge that we're just playing around and didn't intend any offense, you can direct your hate mail to:

If you don't give a rat's furry patootie about "PC", you can also send nice notes to Chuck... though he probably wouldn't know what to do with them.

* * * A WEE BIT OF HOLIDAY * * *
For those of us making a living in the motorcycle industry, when the weather turns cold, things slow down a bit. So we're going to take this opportuntity to have a little family time and will be on holiday for all of Thanksgiving week.

Our intrepid phone staff will still be at it so you can score those Corbin Gift Certificates & special order for Christmas seats, but the rest of us (Chuck included) will set about eating ourselves into a weight problem for the entire week. As such, I will have to wait until Monday the 19th to read your hate mail. Thought I should let you know up front.

Yes, that was Shameless Plug #4.

Alright gang, have a great Turkey-Day and remember "Tryptophan and driving don't mix!"

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