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December 11, 2016
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Corbin Times Home Edition Archive

October 17, 2006

Greetings Friends!
To those of you who pointed out that our newsletter (and monthly prize winner) is late, please allow me to retort. Chuck is NEVER late! I will admit that on occasion it does take me a bit longer to be on time though.

Without further ado:

2006 Suzuki GSXR 750 & 600 Smuggler Trunk
2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Fleetliner Fairing
2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Beetle Bags
2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Streamliner Trunk
2007 H-D Electra-Glide C.V.O. Dual Tour with heat
Yamaha Roadliner / Stratoliner Streamliner Trunk
Yamaha Roadliner / Stratoliner Saddlebags for Sissy bar
2007 H-D Sportster Gunfighter saddle
2007 H-D Sportster Classic Solo saddle
2007 H-D Sportster CLOSE Solo saddle
2007 H-D Sportster Dual Tour saddle w/ Heater
Yamaha Warrior (Road Star) Fleetliner Fairing
Victory Vegas Jackpot Fleetliner Fairing
Victory Vegas Jackpot Smuggler Trunk
2006 Aprilia Tuono Front & Rear saddles

Front & Rear saddles for BMW K1200 GT
Smuggler trunk Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa
Smuggler trunk for 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6R
Fleetliner Saddlebags for 2006 Suzuki M109 R
Fleetliner Fairing for 2006 Suzuki M109 R
Fleetliner Saddlebags for Honda Rune
More Saddles for 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster
Saddle for Kawasaki Ninja 250-R (finally!)
Smuggler trunk for Suzuki SV 1000
Smuggler trunk for Honda CBR 100RR
New super secret motorcycle trailer design!

Although I really liked sending out a bunch of tee shirts and making 25 people somewhat happy, this time we're going back to a single prize and making one person really happy. That person is:

Alex Krombholz

If that's your name, all you have to do is send me an e-mail to confirm and you win a $300 Corbin gift certificate.

Please include your shipping address so I know where to send it and get your confirmation directly to me at: You've got two weeks and the clock starts ticking now!

Just a heads up to our new members that may wonder how you get signed up for our prize drawing. It's very simple, if you're reading this, then you're already done. We pull a random name from our subscriber list once a month. The catch? You have to read the newsletter to see that you've won and respond by e-mail within two weeks. That's it, good luck.

Yes, one of these days I'll make this info into a webpage so I don't have to keep writing it in the newsletter. Sorry.

The Hollister Motorcycle Rally Committee is official. Last week, the final decisions were made to solidify the Committee and present it to the town council. This was well received by all and further points to the rally's official return! Sheriff Hill has stated that the extended rally activities at Bolado Park would be approved this year and all reports indicate that both the City Council and County Board of Supervisors have positive votes for the rally's 60th anniversary return.

For regular updates check our rally page at:

Many thanks to all that have sent me pics of their bikes! I've got a collection of images that we'll be including in future newsletters and on the Corbin website natch. Look for your pic showing up here soon (thanks Bruce!) Likewise, anybody else that wants to show off their beloved is welcome to send me a pic for inclusion on the site. Just send it along to

Note: our network will only allow attachments up to 450k, so please scale digital images down if necessary! Thanks.

Bernice MacNaughton High School Bike Club: This club was setup by a gent that answers to Marc Mazerolle. Basically the club was established to help at risk kids become more enthusiastic about school and make new friends. They've been restoring and customizing bicycles and even built one from scratch.

This year they're taking on a whole new project and building their first motorcycle. The project is to be a custom Bobber appropriately named Numero Uno. Naturally, we've jumped in and supplied one of our Bobber seats for the cause. Looking forward to seeing some great things here and we'll keep you posted when we get some pix. This is motorcycling's future after all!


You'll notice a nice rendering of the new Corbin East Coast showroom at the bottom of the attached image. The building is coming along quite nicely and we're looking to move our Daytona Beach location in January of 2007 (in time for Bike Week!)

Yeah, we threated to post tales from the Corbin staff ride on our website. I even went so far as to pen the first entry... then I realized that it had somehow grown into a very long story. It's no secret that your pal Chuck is gifted (inflicted) with a touch of the ole Irish Blarney, but this was a whopper even by my standards. As such, we never posted it.

Then it dawned on me that since it's not actually getting printed, there's no harm in it. Sure, there's no redeeming qualities either, but you'll need something to do when you get bored with Ebay and Myspace right? With any luck, maybe Google will come in and offer us a cool Billion for the page. HA.

Anyway, for those who asked to hear tales from the Corbin staff ride, you will find the first entry at the link below. Just give me a day or two to edit it down a bit.

It's on and it's happening right now in Daytona Beach, Florida! This will likely be the last big motorcycle event at our store on Main street. Come bike week, you'll have to check out our new space in Ormond Beach.

Daytona Beach, FL
October 18 - 22, 2006

Alright gang, we'll hit ya back real soon (really, it won't be a month this time). Hope you can go out and enjoy some late season mileage before winter arrives!

Happy Trails,

* * Photo Attached * *

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