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Corbin Times Home Edition Archive

October 10, 2007

Better late than never...
This may come as a complete surprise to many of you, but our goal is actually to publish this newsletter every two weeks. Bwaaa-ha-ha-ha! Chuck only missed this one by THREE weeks, which actually pushes out our next one by a week which means we're already late on things that are supposed to happen in the future. Now that's talent! Anyway...

* * * JUST RELEASED * * *2008 Roaking
Dual Touring saddle for 2008 HD Roadking. link
Pilot saddle for 2006-2008 MV Agusta Brutale link
Canyon Dual Sport saddle for 2007 Triumph Tiger link
Front & Rear saddles for 2008 Kawasaki Concours 1400 link

* * * COMING SOON * * *Yamaha Warrior
Fleetliner saddlebags for Yamaha Warrior (on website this week!)
Smuggler trunk for 2008 Kawasaki Concours
Fleetliner saddlebags for 2007 H-D VRSCAW
Saddle lineup for 2008 HD Electra-Glide, Road Glide, Road King & Street Glide
Saddle lineup for 2008 HD Softail models

Bribe time... It's bribe time, it's bribe time! YEA! This month's lucky recipient of the coveted My-Address-Was-Just-Randomly-Pulled-From-Corbin's-Mailing-List-And-Now-I-Have-A-$300-Corbin-Gift-Certificate award is:

Scott Street

OK Scott, you've got two weeks to drop me an email to confirm you've read this and we'll send you out the Corbin coins! Send your confirmation and snail mail address to:

* * * NEW ROOLZ * * *
I know, I know... you don't like rules... I understand.
However, you should also know Chuck doesn't like getting his ass chewed.

And that is exactly what happened last month when we didn't have a surname for our winner. Everyone jumped in to claim the coin, but as you may remember we were looking for a specific person via a specific email address. So lot's of unhappy people... all of 'em ready to swing on yer ole pal Chuck. As a result, we have new rules: Your subscription should have a first AND last name. It doesn't have to be your real name, but you DO have to remember it in case you win (duh). If you make up something funny and it's too dirty for me to publish, then we have a problem. No calling Chuck names or telling me I suck. Oh alright, go ahead... I can take it. Yes, we are changing our sign up form for incoming folk.

A lot of folks wonder why we make so many seat models 'modular' these days. Well, it's pretty simple really... that's the state of the art!

Cost-wise it's pretty much a wash. For example, the difference between one-piece vs two-piece for the Kawi ZZR 1200 is $29. Not to crack wise or anything, but nowadays that's barely a round at the local pub... errr... or so I've heard.

However, the two-piece (Corbin Modular system) gives you the option of a Smuggler trunk or electric heaters in front OR rear as dictated by your significant other. In cases where the stock seat is a two-piece, we try to make it work with stock components too. That way you just pick the parts you need.

A lot more flexibility and all the options you've come to expect from us over the years. You know... backrests, leather seating, colors, etc. HINT: Maybe you don't have your eye on a Smuggler trunk now, but you never know what tomorrow may bring.

* * * FOUR DECADES * * *
This month we're celebrating our fourtieth year! You know what the statistics are nowadays for a small company to survive that long? Neither do we, but it's probably really low.

Four decades is a long time to be caring for the collective arses of the world's motorcycle enthusiasts. The magazine clippings, interviews, TV clips and testimonials could blanket some north-eastern states. That's not to say we're perfect... As they say, "You can't please all the people all of the time." For example...

this Guy! Yup, it's safe to say we don't have anything this guy wants. I can't remember the last time we used steel tubing and wood as a seating surface. Don't get me wrong, this bike is some smokin' garage jewelry but I don't think I'll be looking to ride one cross country next year. I'll just stick to my comfy Corbin model instead.

* * * SEAT CHIC * * *
You've seen our faux alligator, ostrich and snake leather right? Check out this latest addition to the variety of supple faux pelts you can add to your custom ride... Gecko! This Corbin exclusive material gives a very custom look, with a subtle texture perfect for your custom chopper!

Of course I'm kidding, that'd be a pretty small hide wouldn't it? We just wanted to point out that you'll be seeing some fine Corbin goodies poppin' up in the next wave of ads created for the lizard led insurance company, Geico. We had a chance to finally catch up with them at Sturgis and see the finished pieces in person. Good stuff! Next time you're at a motorcycle show and see their truck (right), check out their fully Corbinized machines, they're a hoot.

Honestly now, how many of you were offended by the Gecko hide thing? Now how many of you would have been offended if it was the Geico Cavemen instead? HA, I thought so... and they've got their own TV show!

OK, this is getting way too long so I'll make this quick. We know you're busy so we've taken the initiative to sort through the internet detritus for you and slake your thirst for quality content. For this month we'll take a little visit to a place called YouTube...

Ruben Xaus on the Ducati Hyper-Motard CLICK HERE
How Triumph builds the Rocket III CLICK HERE
New Corbin designed three-wheeler CLICK HERE
Pure whimsy and not motorcycle related CLICK HERE

* * * NEXT UP * * *
The team is downright bustling trying to get ready for Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, Florida. We're all moved into our new diggs in Ormond Beach and looking forward to a great show. If you're headed out for this late season event, I fully expect you to stop by and wish the crew a Happy 40th. I'll be sorely offended if you don't. If you need directions, you'll find them here. Besides, you DID want to check out our new store didn't you?

That's it for now, as always keep the Corbin side up and stay safe!

SHOUTS! Birthday greets to my longtime buddy Steve and a hearty congrats to Mrs Mallory who's Chili Verde was crowned World Champion!

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