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Corbin Times Home Edition Archive

September 14, 2006

In our last newsletter (8/18/06) did I actually say, "Talk to ya next week"? It would appear that optimism is something dear ole Chuck still hasn't outgrown. That and an inexplicable ardor for Looney Tunes of course. FOUR weeks later, here's your update:

Gunfighter & Lady saddle for 2007 Ducati S4R Testastretta
Dual Sport saddle for Honda CRF 450 X
Quad saddle for 2006 Polaris Outlaw
Young Guns saddle for 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900
Smuggler trunk for 2006 Suzuki GSXR 750 & 600

We've found that our current line of saddles fit the following:
2007 Harley-Davidson Dyna-Glides
2007 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glides
2007 Honda Shadow & Shadow Spirit 1100
2007 Honda Shadow Spirit 750
2007 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100
2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750

Smuggler trunk for 2006 Suzuki GSXR 750 / 600
Smuggler trunk Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa
Smuggler trunk for 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6R
Fleetliner Saddlebags for 2006 Suzuki M109 R
Fleetliner Fairing for 2006 Suzuki M109 R
Fleetliner Saddlebags for Honda Rune
Streamliner Trunk for Yamaha Roadliner
Neoliner Saddlebags for Roadliner (for use with sissy bar)
Saddle Lineup for 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster

Monday was the fifth anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil in history (I'm sure you didn't need me to remind you of that.) Now let me ask you something... How many of you went through the effort to fly Old Glory?

REALLY?! ALL OF YOU?!! You make me proud.

OK, now I don't really expect our international friends to fly our Colors, but next year if you could do me a favor and just take a few moments out of your day in quiet observance for those who lost their lives. Also for the folks still fighting the good fight. Actually, that goes for the rest of you too. Thanks.

Clear heads agree! The depth of reaction to our last newsletter was astonishing. Not only the hundreds of responses to score a free Hollister tee, but nearly as many in support of our current newsletter... ummm... let's call it "style". For those new to the Corbin missive let me explain that we, as a group of like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts and overgrown children, have opted for tomfoolery and random Chuckisms over a staunchy "professional" newsletter (decided by popular vote). Good for you people!

Likewise good for me 'cause that means I get to keep my cush job. Thank you one and all for the kind comments and support!

Just the other day, I was thinkin' how our show (Corbin's Ride-On) got bumped out of our time slot on Speed TV not too long ago. Sure, it came back in fairly short order, but it made me wonder how these decisions get made and I've come to this conclusion... Nobody knows a damn thing.

Basically, it's a guessing game. TV guys try different things to see what will enamour the public and get the ratings. Nowadays it seems that any "reality show" (*barf*) will be aired just 'cause it's the popular buzz word. Let me tell you something my friends, buzz words are no replacement for content!

Makes me feel like we're on fairly precarious turf to be honest. Personally, I like Corbin's Ride-On 'cause it's a good mix of motorcycle general interest stuff. Not trying to pat ourselves on the back here, just a humble opinion. Anyway, if you happen to like the show too, it couldn't hurt to drop a line to Speed TV thanking them for the quality programming. OK, you don't have to word it just like that, but I'm sure they'd like the positive comments (I know we do!) You'll find them at:

Alright, I warned you! You had your chance to just skip over the mindless drivel that makes it from Chuck's meager grey matter and through the keyboard, but nooooo! You actually asked for more (you're a sick individual!) I am simultaneously flattered and, to be completely honest, flabbergasted.

For those who asked to hear tales from the Corbin staff ride, you will find the first entry at the link below. It should be online by next tuesday... just gotta add a few pics.

Word is, the Hollister rally will be back for 2007. Three cheers for more clear headed thinking! Know what that means? Yeah, all of you who got a Hollister Rally Cancelled tee in last month's giveaway now possess a true piece of collectable motorcycling history. Or maybe it's just a tee shirt.

Anyway, to keep track of Hollister happenings, go to this page:

Man, I felt like a real horse's arse sending out hundreds of "Sorry, you didn't make the first 25 respondants" e-mails a couple weeks ago. For some peculiar reason that I can only attest to my humble beginnings as the youngest child, I felt compelled to send an answer to EVERYONE that responded. Sigmund would probably say it had something to do with an internal desire to "get in the last word". Certainly a rare occurance for young Chuck.

Anyway, if you didn't get a response to your response, it is because my mail to you bounced (AOL and RR are still killing mail from the Corbin network). I spent two weeks replying so at least give me credit for trying.

Oh yeah, the point! I felt really bad about dishing out so much crappy news. But sending out hundreds of tee shirts on Corbin's nickle (when I got the ok for 25) would have be a bad career move. So instead I decided to send out another tee from the personal Sturgis stash. Trouble is that I didn't have another spare. For you my friends, my brother has graciously (and unknowingly) donated the one I got for him. It serves him right for not reading the Corbin newsletter (that he knows I write) and for making the choice to move out of state. I'm picking one of you that asked for the last one and will send it out as a surprise. Don't write me for it, this one's automatic and you'll know you won when it shows up. Enjoy it!

Progress on our new Florida location is going well. We're looking to be at our new location in Ormond Beach this coming Bike Week! You'll find us less than a mile from "Destination Daytona" on Highway 1. You can't miss it as you ride by. Hope to see you there!

Next place to hook up with the Corbin team will be at the Myrtle Beach Fall Bike Rally.
Myrtle Beach, SC
October 6 - 8, 2006

That was an absurdly long newsletter! With WFO cramps still in my wrist (numbed only slightly by a oral application of Kentucky's finest) I can't believe I've maintained any ability to type at all. So have a great week and keep the rubber side down!

Happy Trails,

* * Photo Attached * *

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