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Corbin Times Home Edition Archive

September 4, 2007

Hope you had a great Labor Day! Fall approaches. I know this not because I actually look at the calendar conspicuously posted above my desk, but because we just returned from our annual staff ride. This year our traditional homeward trek from The Black Hills was the best ever with 800 bonus miles of back highways (man I love my job). Although the summer wanes, Corbin's R&D shop is still crankin' out the goodies...

* * * JUST RELEASED * * *
Fleetliner Bagger Setup for 1997 & up HD FLH models. link
Classic Solo saddle for 2007 HD Roadking C.V.O. link
Dual Touring saddle for 2007 HD Roadking C.V.O. link
Corbin Ball Caps (because folks asked for them!) link

* * * COMING SOON * * *
Fleetliner saddlebags for 2007 HD V-Rod (any day now!)
A GANG of stuff for the 2008 Kawasaki Concours
Fleetliner saddlebags for Yamaha Warrior
Seat setup for 2007 Triumph Tiger 1050
Saddle lineup for 2008 HD Baggers
Saddle lineup for 2008 HD Softails

* * * AUGUST WINNER * * *
That's right boyz and girlz, it's bribe time again! The moment you've all been waiting for when one lucker reader scores a Corbin gift certificate (because we're not clever enough to think up a different prize). For August 2007, that supremely lucky being is:

Jerry... errr.... Dang it, I don't have a last name!
Before every Jerry on our mailing list gets excited, let me say our winner has to be THE Jerry who's email address we pulled. Hmmm... how do I do this without publishing someone's address? How 'bout this... if your name is Jerry and your email address is like Jer*****@***, drop me a line, you won! is the address to hit and please include your snail mail address.

* * * "A GANG OF STUFF..." * * *
You're thinking we've gone mental, right? Truth is, we're really excited about this bike. Nowadays it's hard to find fault with any motorcycle as they all perform so well, but this beasty so well fits its intended audience that it bears special attention. Sport Touring enthusiasts may just find this the near-perfect bike.

As you can see in the above picture that errr... this guy sent us, it's FAST! Not only can it get you from A to B at scoff-law speeds (again, we didn't do that, it was some guy with a similar bike), but it'll go through a corner like a greased weasel. All this wrapped up with generously roomy ergos.

Under the guise of product development, but mostly because we could, we spent a few thousand miles with the '08 Connie to see what we can contribute. Top of the list is a saddle setup complete with Smuggler trunk. Followed by a peg lowering kit and something to cure the heat pouring out of the fairing onto your legs. Lastly, we're going to move the bars out a little to relieve the cramp that creeps up right between your shoulder and neck. Connie owners know the one I'm talking about.

Keep an eye on this newsletter or Corbin's Daily News section for continuing info.

* * * 2008 PRICES HIT! * * *
Corbin has radically redesigned our distribution lines, ergo eliminated a big chunk of overhead in the Corbin product line. Blah, blah, blah... get to the point Chuck.

We just finished lowering prices on literally hundreds of Corbin saddles. That's right kids, I said Lowering! If you're looking for a quality Corbin tush cushion for your Harley or metric cruiser, your boat has just come in. I think that's enough said about that isn't it? Shop online HERE.

Besides being nationally recognized as a reason to raise the price of gas, did you know that Labor Day really IS a celebration of the working class? Albeit ironically named (shouldn't it be No-Laboring day?), this end of summer festival has actually been celebrated for over a century. Originating in New York in the early 1880s, this last of the summer bash is celebrated in many countries around the world... although most celebrate in May rather than September.

"And just what does this have to do with anything?" Absolutely nothing, but thanks for reading.

For the second year in a row (nearly a tradition now), good ole Chuck has brought back a cheap tee shirt from the infamous Sturgis rally soley to bestow upon one of our loyal readers. Always the over achiever we actually have TWO cheap tee shirts to give away! So those two lucky readers are:

Russell D. Leek & Ron Griff

Trust me, as Chuck is a tightwad you can count on the quality being near crap with me drawing the line just slightly above the cut-tag-damaged-goods rack. As an added non-value, you can almost count on the fact that they won't fit since "Tee shirt size" is not requested data in our newsletter signup form. Besides, I only had a year to plan for this so, of course, I didn't pull the names ahead of time. But hey, they're free! Russell and Ron, drop me a line with your address to claim 'em:

* * * Aaaaannnnnd THEN? * * *
Well, let's see here... Street Vibrations in Reno has been pulled from the list, but you can catch up with the Corbin team September 27 - 30 at Las Vegas Bike Fest. That would be in Las Vegas, Nevada of course.
Following that we'll be at the Myrtle Beach Fall Rally from October 5 - 9 then on to Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, Florida. Hope to see you there!
Alright folks, keep the Corbin side up and stay safe!

SHOUTS! Birthday greets to Phil J, Tyler W, Samantha H, Adam D, Jason W. and Chuck-in-law Carol E. Many happy returns!

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