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Corbin Times Home Edition Archive

July 31, 2006

Greeting & Salutations!

Next time you catch me whining about a long winter or cold weather you have my permission to verbally "give Chuck the pimp hand". Spoiled Californian's like us aren't used to a week of 110+ degree heat... ugh, it was nasty. We even had to change the shop hours so all the naugapeople wouldn't have to cook in the worst of it.

Fortunately, it's past tense (for now). Hopefully you're enjoying your summer with more suitable riding weather. Anyway...

Beetle Bags for 2006 Kawasaki ZX-14
Peg lowering kit for 2006 Kawasaki ZX-14
Dual Tour saddle for 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900
Front & Rear saddles for 2006 Suzuki GSXR 750
Corbin Web Site (kind of)

Smuggler trunk for 2006 Suzuki GSXR 750
2006 Suzuki M109 R Saddlebags
Yamaha MT-01 dual saddle
Fleetliner Saddlebags for Honda Rune
Yamaha Roadliner Streamliner Trunk
Smuggler trunk Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa

2006 Harley-Davidson Softail FXST
Fast Gun Saddle

Athough it is hopelessly cliche', Lonesome George (Thorogood) said it best... "Bad to the Bone!" The new bags that the Corbin Wizards designed for the ZX-14 are amazing (see attached). Even if you're not a fan of sportbikes, you must admit these things are cool. The bike looks totally Ferrari and they work great! 28 liters of storage per side! Nice.

I'm embarassed to say that I forgot to pick a July winner before I left the office. As I'm writing this from my house and am currently far too involved in a taste of Irish whiskey (strickly medicinal mind you) to go back to the office, we're just going to have to make it up next time. Sorry kids.

Here's what I'm thinking... Our belated choice for July (that should have been listed in the space above) will receive a $300 Corbin Gift Certificate as per usual. However, having a single winner every month kinna sux and I'd like to see more people rewarded for their efforts reading my digressive reports.

I'm thinking that at the end of August we're going to give a free "2006 Hollister Rally Cancelled" T-shirt to the first 25 people that write me back. That should make it a little more fun for a change. Of course I've gotta get approval from Mr. Mike first.

If you hate the idea, drop me a line. But don't do it yet because...

Sadly you won't be hearing from Chuck for a couple of weeks (try to be brave). Next week I'll be out of the office for a one week European vacation and will immediately be following that with the annual pilgrimage to Sturgis, South Dakota. Now before you start thinking "Wow, Mike pays Chuck awefully well to write crap like this", I'd like you to know this is a FREE trip to Europe!

The Chuck-In-Laws have rented a flat in Paris for a month and invited Mrs Chuck and I to stay for a week. Then some really cool friends of ours cashed in a ship-load of frequent flyer miles and bought us airline tickets. We just couldn't pass it up.

Let's see, I had a point...
Oh yeah, I love to hear from y'all, but don't write me back this week. For the first time in ten years I won't have e-mail access! *gasp!*

Those of you who have been reading my words of whizdumb for awhile will remember we originally had a deadline of February 1, 2006 to get the new site done. Having grossly missed that target we are proud (and quite relieved) to say it is finally done!

Well, "done" in that it is being beta tested and corrected by our tech team even as we speak. With any luck, you should see the results posted live to in about a week.

Since we're on the subject, does anybody else think it's a strange coincidence that Chuck should take off on vacation the day after the new site is released? It's almost like he planned to open up a big ole can-o-worms and leave someone else to clean them up. Har-de-har-HAR!

A big sorry to my team-mates.

Mike's aboard the ZX-14, Chance is piloting the Yamaha FJR 1300. If I know these guys, they took the long way to Sturgis and are logging about 900+ miles a day. Further, they'll stretch a 1400 mile trip into 1900 miles. For the way back, Mike called us all together and invoked the Corbin Arse Directive.

The directive clearly states that when given the chance to plant your rear on a motorcycle and ride for a few days, you are duty bound to comply. As such there's about ten of us all riding back from Sturgis together. Tough life eh? There is no limit to the lengths we'll go to for product design.

The Corbin show truck left friday... Mike and Chance took off Saturday... everyone's going to the Sturgis Rally. As usual, we'll be located on Lazelle street across from the J&P store. Look us up if you're coming to the Black Hills.

Sturgis Rally & Races
Sturgis, SD
August 5 - 13, 2006 (roughly)

OK my friends, it's Sunday night and I've got an appointment with an airplane tomorrow so that's all for now. Have a great couple of weeks and we'll yak with ya soon.

Happy Trails,

* * Photo Attached * *

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