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Corbin Times Home Edition Archive

July 5 - 11, 2006


I will caution you now that the following newsletter is rife with pious flag waving. Due in part to the belated celebration of July Fourth, America's Independence day; secondly to the sorry state of affairs surrounding this year's Hollister rally... errr... gathering... mmmm... whatever.

If this bothers or bores you, as may be the case with our international readership, just stop reading after the regular "Coming Soon" section. No hard feelings.

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OK, that's the business end of the newsletter this week so if you don't want to hear ole Chuck back on the soapbox, you can stop reading now. This may save you from being annoyed later.

Frankly, Chuck is saddened... and angry. Let's not forget angry. Let me start off by saying that I'm not one to jump up and down screaming at the first hint of political indiscretion. I didn't go out and join ABATE when California passed a helmet law (but then again, I'd wear one anyway). Suffice to say that all in all I'm pretty laid back... live and let live. The American way.

Then the beatings started. The week leading up to the Fourth of July was troublesome to say the least. We were told by the City of Hollister to cancel the stunt rider we had scheduled (on private property), then were told to change our website (WHAT!?) then our lot was patroled by police EIGHT times on thursday... it was weird, almost Orwellian. Is that Freedom? You can check out the gory details here:

Then there was the rally weekend itself. Law enforcement was ubiquitous and let's say "enthusiastic". We had heard rumors that all two wheelers were going to be "closely scrutinized" which may not be harassment per se, but it certainly smells like it. This turned out to be quite UNTRUE as the enthusiasm of the peace officers was generously spread among all moving objects (much to the chagrin of local drivers, pedestrians & shop owners).

Saturday at the shop was a good day with 200 - 300 riders hanging around at any given point. Our stunt show was cancelled and most of the vendors had given up on Hollister, but people still came to check out the factory, partake in a poker run or get an autographed copy of Sonny Barger's new book. It was a good place for group rides to get organized, grab a bite and listen to some music. That is until six or eight police showed up and told us to shut down the band. Apparently free entertainment on private property requires a permit. Remember this for your next party.

Now please keep in mind that we've very carefully tempered our information and did not include heresay, rumors or opinions... only what we personally experienced. If you really want to get fired up, check out the local papers for some of the stuff that went down. I'll tell you, if this were a minority group rather than a bunch of folks on motorcycles, you'd have heard about it on the evening news.

All this took place on the Fourth of July... INDEPENDENCE DAY! Sometimes irony isn't funny.

This is why we don't make a big issue out of the rumors we hear. This year we asked Sonny Barger to come to our shop and sign books for people (he's got a new one out by the way). This was a huge hit and Sonny was very good natured about hanging around doing the "meet & greet" for hours on end. Thanks Sonny!

Several days later I was cornered by some friends who demanded to know "what went down" out at Corbin's on Saturday. Genuinely confused I ask "What are you talking about?"

"Don't downplay it. We heard about 'The Angels' showing up out there. So, what happened?"

"Oh... That! It was horrible man. All these guys hanging around talking to people, laughing and having a good time. I actually saw one of them say 'excuse me' when he bumped into someone. Then, Sonny signed my kid's t-shirt for him! Can you believe it?!!"

"Hmmm... guess things got a little blown out of proportion huh?"

"My point exactly."

OMG the Moto GP is just a couple weeks away! In a word "YeeeHa!" We'll be setup at the inside of turn three not far from Ducati Island, so stop by while you're there or come to our factory in Hollister on your way.

Motorcycle GP
Laguna Seca Raceway
Monterey, CA July 21 - 23, 2006 OK kids, enough sniveling about the Hollister rally... I'm off to quaff a pint of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in celebration of America's separation from tyranny (one last little jab). I'm not doing this 'cause I'm a lush either, just read the label: Samuel Adams, Brewer. Patriot.

Keep the Corbin up and the rubber down!

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