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December 11, 2016
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Corbin Times Home Edition Archive

Jun 4, 2007

Greetings & Salutations!
With few exceptions, riding season has well arrived (Yea!). Out here on the left coast, things are heating up which means it's about time to park the dirt bikes for the hot summer (red sticker) months and enjoy the fruits of CalTrans' labor. The road beckons, enjoy!

Fresh out of the Corbin photo studio and in process for new webpages even as we speak. Here's what just came out:
- Canyon Dual Sport saddle for BMW /6
- Gunfighter & Lady saddle for Buell XB-12 Long
- Front & Rear saddle for 2007 BMW R1200 S
- Dual Sport saddle for KTM 950 SM

- Smuggler Trunk for Ducati Monster S2R - Fleetliner Saddlebags for Victory Jackpot - Fleetliner Saddlebags for H-D Roadking - Front saddle & Smuggler for Ducati 1098 - Fleetliner Fairing for 2007 H-D V-Rod - Front & Rear saddles for 2007 H-D V-Rod - Smuggler Trunk for 2007 BMW R1200 S - The Raven! (more on this later)

First off, congrats to Ted Smith for claiming the April dough with a response time you could measure in milliseconds (almost). Now we'll rumage around the proverbial hat and pull out a name for May... *rumage* *rumage*... and the winner is:

David S. Mallory

If that's your name, then I've got a $300 Corbin gift certificate just for little-ole-you. Just send an email confirmation to and don't forget to include your snail mail address. But remember, I have to receive your response within two weeks or it goes up for grabs again.

For those of you not named above, you're automatically entered for next month's drawing so don't give up yet.

So I was talking to my dog the other day and explaining, AGAIN, how things work (sometimes I think he just doesn't listen). "You see Bo, it's not enough just to have opposable thumbs. There has to be some higher brain function than what you have, to date, exhibited if you ever expect to climb up the food chain."

This was met with a vacant expression. Obviously I wasn't getting through.

"Even if you had the right digits and the ability to wield tools, I'm not sure you'd have the inventiveness to do anything with it. You likely wouldn't amount to anything more than a hammer-wielding-furry-dullard that licks himself inappropriately. An impressive skill, but not one that will attain a Nobel prize."

I know this may sound cruel to you, but I've lived with this beast for awhile and I can assure you this comes as no surprise to him. Let's see... where did the point go... Oh yeah, "Inventiveness".

Check out this new creation called the Raven. A single passenger vehicle ala the Sparrow. Unlike the Sparrow, this little beauty is powered by a tradional internal combustion engine to take advantage of existing technology. It is extremely maneuverable with it's three wheeled steering and energy efficient with expectations of 65 miles per gallon. Better still, with it's diminutive footprint, you can park four vehicles in the place of a single SUV.

Once again, Corbin is setting out to provide a solution to our energy woes and a cleaner future. Now THAT'S Inventive!

If you'd like to check out the proto-type Raven, you'll find updates at: or check out the video on You Tube at this link:

Maybe you've already heard, but the Hollister Rally has officially returned. Yeah, we mention it in just about every newsletter, but this may be news to subscribers who have just joined up. As always, you can get rally updates directly from the Corbin site (just follow the picture link). Otherwise, we hope to see you on July 6-8, 2007 for the return of the Wild One!

At Corbin's: Free installation of Corbin parts, 10% rally discount, Live Music, Motorcycle Accessory vendors, Food at Wizard's Cafe, Self Tour the factory.

The Corbin road crew is currently setting up in Lake George, NY for Americade’s 25th Touring Rally! This is the World's largest Touring Rally and your chance to check it out from June 4th - 9th.

Visit the Corbin truck to check out our latest new products and even the Raven proto-type! Naturally our traditional Rally incentive of 10% runs through the entire event.

Immediately after Americade, Corbin is trucking on over to the Laconia Motorcycle Week for their 84th anniversary. If you end up missing us at Americade, come see us at Laconia, NH, June 9th - 17th. We will have the Corbin Truck at Meredith Harley-Davidson on Route 3.

Alrighty boyz and grlz, that brings us to the end of yet another fun filled newsletter. We'll be back in just a couple of weeks and in the mean time, keep the rubber on the road and the Corbin side up!

Happy Trails,

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