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Corbin Times Home Edition
June 17, 2010

Workshop of Wizards
Nearly party time! Our first Rider Appreciation Day is just two scant weeks away so it's a good time to fill you in on the plan. Perhaps even motivate you to > > > REGISTER NOW < < <

Subtle eh?

* * * EAT AT MIKES * * *
As previously mentioned, we've got local BBQ legends Mansmith's to come out and serve up their specialty Tri-Tip sandwiches for lunch. Ice cold lemonade seems appropriate for a summer party so we'll keep that on tap for ya. If you arrive early and are looking for breakfast, our on-site diner, Wizard's Cafe, will be open for business too. Those spending the weekend in Hollister can find a variety of local restaurants on our newly updated Local Services Map found > > > HERE < < <

* * * LET'S RIDE * * *
Sonny Barger has confirmed that he'll be doing a book signing in our showroom. There will be copies of his latest book Let's Ride available for purchase throughout the day and you can also bring in copies of his other books if you'd like to get them signed. You'll find Sonny's books online at or on his website at

We can't promise you what times he'll be available for signing... well, that's not exactly true... we CAN tell you, we're just not GOING to tell you. That way you'll end up hanging around our place longer. HA!

* * * GETTIN' SPIFFY * * *
In times like this it's really good to see pride and enthusiasm beyond the call of duty. We're cleaning up the shop, washing down the building and polishing the burnout stripes... And now a 100% volunteer Corbin Decorating Committee has stepped up to embellish the 80,000 square foot Corbin facility in Red, White & Blue trim.

Now if you don't show up you're going to hurt someone's feelings. We have it on good authority that one of the volunteers is a black belt, so you may want to > > > REGISTER NOW < < < before we have to get ugly. Relax, we're kidding... geez.

* * * EYE CANDY * * *
No, we're not having a Miss Corbin contest, but that IS a great idea for next year now that I think about it. Hmmm...

Sorry... drifted off there for a minute...   Errrr... what was I talking about?

* * * HI TECH * * *
Have you seen one of the new Zero Motorcycles yet? You will if you make it to our Rider Appreciation Day party on July 3rd. We're proud to be the seat supplier for their new streetbike and were able to pull a few strings and get a couple of their bikes on loan for you to check out. We were hoping to setup demo rides, but we only just had this idea and there probably isn't enough time for us to pull it together. Keep your fingers crossed and if it doesn't happen, there's always next year.

* * * NOW I REMEMBER * * *
"Eye Candy"... oh yeah! In addition to the Zeros, we've got the local motorcycle shops (Hollister Honda & Hollister Motorsports) talked into bringing over a few of the new Honda's and Kawasaki's so you can see what they've been up to. Likewise local accessory shop, Faultline Powersports, will be operating a mini-shop in our showroom for those who may be in need of some fresh riding gear. Yeah, I know... a Miss Corbin contest would have been fun too.

We've had a few people asking if this was a Harley Only event or if all brands were welcome. Really?!? I'm a little hurt, I thought you guys knew us better than that!

OF COURSE everybody is welcome. We expect to see a lot of HDs around, but we always have a nice mix of everything during the Hollister Rally and this should be a nice mix too. So bring your bike... or trike for that matter (I'm talking to YOU Spyder riders!)

Now that I think about it, maybe this was just an excuse that some of my *ahem* friends were using to tell me they weren't going to make it. Dang.

* * * DISTANCE * * *
So maybe you think you're too far away to come to our event? Well, we have a guest pre-registered from Panama so we're not buyin' that excuse for a minute! Of course he's flying to California and riding here from Salinas, so maybe that doesn't count. Well then, how about our pal Jeff who will be riding out from Minnesota for our little one-say shindig?

Maybe you just think it's too far because you don't have a Corbin seat under yer rump yet? Huh? You ever think of that?!?

Alright then, it's settled. See you then.

Wow, we converted an entire newsletter into a plug for our Rider Appreciation Day with SIX links to our ONLINE REGISTRATION page. Oops, make that seven links!

We'll send out the regular newsletter next week and it won't be only about the rally, I promise... but you really should put some serious consideration into attending. Yes Phil, I'm talking to you.

Be Safe, Ride Well and Have Fun!

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