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Yamaha R1
Wall Saddle for Harley-Davidson Sportster. Click for more New Products.

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Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
A view from the Green at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

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December 11, 2016
Ventura, CA
Corbin Times Home Edition
April, 2010

Victory Cross Country
Greetings and Salutations!
I don't know about the rest of y'all, but in between bouts of rain we're getting some really nice weather here on the left coast. Boy does it feel good to see bikes out on the road again!

* * * NEW PRODUCTS * * *
The latest and the greatest fresh from The Wizard's Workshop.

Dual Saddle for Aprilia Shiver   ONLINE SOON
Solo Saddle for Aprilia Shiver   ONLINE SOON
Dual Tour Saddle for Victory Cross Country   ONLINE SOON
Trunkbox for Victory Cross Country   ONLINE SOON
DUAL saddle for HD XR 1200 Sportster   NOW ONLINE
Rear Seat Cowl for HD XR 1200 Sportster   NOW ONLINE
Dual Touring saddle for Can-Am Spyder RT   NOW ONLINE
Front & Rear saddles for Suzuki Boulevard M90   NOW ONLINE
Chin Spoiler for Suzuki Boulevard M90   NOW ONLINE
Dual Tour saddle for 2009+ Triumph Thunderbird   NOW ONLINE

* * * WHAT'S COOKING * * *
Classic Solo & Pillion for 2009 Triumph Thunderbird
Contraband Fairing for 2009+ Triumph Thunderbird
Fleetliner Saddlebags for Honda Fury
Rumble Seat for Honda Fury
2-Piece saddle system for Honda DN-01
Smuggler Trunk for Suzuki Boulevard M109 R
Multiple Seat models for 2010 HD Softail models
Under-tail kit for Yamaha V-Max
2010 Honda VFR due to arrive at Corbin's 4/30/2010

* * * MARCH WINNER * * *
We've proven time and again that we're not above a little graft to get you to read Chuck's mindless scrawlings and here is proof yet again...

Geoff Stockbridge

If your name appears above (and ONLY if your name appears above) send a confirmation email that includes your snail mail address to: This month the payola is a $300 Corbin gift certificate and it's yours if you drop me a line inside of two weeks.

Dat's da Roolz folks! If you don't believe me, read them HERE. By the way, if your name is NOT listed above, you don't need to send me an email. You are automatically entered into the drawing for next month. Good Luck!

A rose by any other name would still be a big smelly flower (or something like that).

Last month in this newsletter we called it Customer Appreciation Day, but that was a bit of a misnomer. We didn't mean to imply that you HAD to be a Corbin customer... fact of the matter is that we'll be happy to have any and all riders stop by the Hollister factory this coming July 3rd. We've got The Backyard Blues Band scheduled for the day and will be charring some Tri-tip for you as well.

We're still hashing out the details, but we're talking Bike Show, Door Prizes and the usual kind of hoohah you can expect from this sort of thing... AND it's free! Now are you feelin' the love?

Keep your calendar open and go HERE for more details and pre-registration. Now if you come out and happen to be sporting a competitor's seat that mysteriously goes missing while you're here... errrr...   we didn't do it.

* * * MILESTONES * * *
We're pushing close to 25,000 subscribers who read my drivel on a semi-regular basis...
Well, they download and delete it at least.

That may sound like a lot, but it hardly stands up to my peers outside the motorcycle industry. One would think I'd get slack since only one-tenth of the US population actually gives a rat's furry patooty about motorcycles. But noooooo... after a couple of shots sodas, they always wanna compare the size of our Johnsons subscriber lists. *sigh*

So how about a little help? Forward this newsletter to your friends and ask them to join. I'm offering a special non-authorized price for our 25,000th subscriber so you may be giving them a little bonus. If Mike goes along with it, it'll be something nice... if not, then it's going to come out of Chuck's pocket and will be crap. Regardless, it's a super-secret-mystery-prize so that's kind of fun isn't it?

So how 'bout a little help for your ole pal Chuck eh? Forward this to 300 or so of your closest friends!

* * * HELP WANTED * * *
Within the next couple of days we'll have some Career Opportunities added to our website for R&D / Marketing so spread the word!

Now don't get all excited thinking you're going to land some cushy, work from home job where you and your i-Pad sit on the couch all day grubbing bon-bons and playing around in My-TwitterFace-Space-Book (or whatever you kids are into now). Nope, we need someone near Hollister, California that can work closely with Chuck and the R&D guys on a daily basis. Besides, if anyone is going to perch their posterior on the couch and dick around on the internet all day, it'll be yours truly so get in line!

Check out our DAILY NEWS page for opportunity listings.

* * * EIGHTY YEARS * * *
We often talk about how long Corbin has been making motorcycle accessories (since 1968). What we don't mention nearly as often is how much experience is in the hands of our associates. This month we celebrated the 20th anniversary of FOUR Corbinites. No kidding!

Just these four people comprise eight decades of experience. If you add up all the years experience from every Corbin associate you'd have... errr... well, you'd have a whole lot of years. Somoneone really should look into that, it's probably a really impressive number.

Congrats to: Miguel Espitia, Sandy Hall, Celso Ramon Perez & Rogelio Correa-Gonzales!

* * * 'NET NUGGETS * * *
You think you've seen motorcyclists pulling some bonehead moves? Check out the pedestrians and horse traffic on San Francisco's Market Street in this circa 1905 footage:

If player does not appear, click THIS LINK.

* * * LAV LIT' UPDATE * * *
Title: Let's Ride
Written by: Sonny Barger
Available: June 2010
Review: It's still not released and Chuck still hasn't rated an advance copy, but other people have (Chuck gets no respect). Here's what I've heard:

"...a very serious guide to motorcycling and riding safety."

"...because of his lifetime of experience as a motorcycle rider, [Sonny] may be one of the most qualified persons to tell you how to ride the right way... for life."

"What makes this book even more interesting is that you will discover a little bit more than you know about Sonny Barger."

Let's Ride will be available for purchase at Corbin's during our Rider Appreciate Event on July 3rd. No word yet on whether or not Sonny will be around for signatures.

Well, that's all the space we have this month folks. We'll catch you again soon,

A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.
-Mark Twain
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