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Yamaha R1
Gunfighter Saddle for Triumph Street Twin. Click for more New Products.

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Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
A view from the Green at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

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Corbin Times Home Edition
March, 2010

Harley-Davidson XR1200
Spring is juuuussssst about springing around here and boy does it feel good. What's this..?   Could it be..?   Yes, I do believe that is a light down there at the end of the tunnel!

* * * NEW PRODUCTS * * *
Here's the latest out of the R&D shop. You may find some of these are not online yet, but remember, we promised to tell you about new stuff first!

DUAL saddle for HD XR 1200   Online Soon
Front Saddle for HD XR 1200   NOW ONLINE
Front & Rear saddles for 2009-2010 ZX-6R   NOW ONLINE
Canyon Dual Sport saddle for Honda NT 700V   NOW ONLINE

* * * NOW ON DECK * * *
Dual Touring saddle w/ optional heat for Can-Am Spyder RT
Rear seat cowl for HD XR 1200 Sportster
Classic Solo & Pillion for 2010 Triumph Thunderbird
Dual Touring saddle for 2010 Triumph Thunderbird
Chin Spoiler for Suzuki Boulevard M90
Front & Rear saddles w/ optional heat for Suzuki Boulevard M90
Dual saddle design for Aprilia Shiver

Our own little recession buster... Every month we give away a $300 gift certificate just because you have the tenacity to wade through Chuck's newsletter ramblings. This month's winner is:

Herschel Macy

If your name appears above, send a confirmation email that includes your snail mail address to: If your name is NOT listed above, you don't need to send me an email, you're automatically entered into the drawing for next month.

Since Chuck wasn't quite clever enough to provide a working link last month, here's the correct one if you'd like to review the drawing rules: Da Roolz.

As you likely recall from our announcement last month, we've decided to throw a party on Fourth of July weekend since we've pretty much given up hope for an official Hollister Rally this year.

Response to the announcement was great and we're moving full steam ahead. So far we've scheduled The Backyard Blues Band to provide musical entertainment and are in the process of deciding on chow. We're thinking that if we're going to draw folks in from further away than across the street, we'll need to do better than tube-packed mystery meat (hot dogs). So, how do y'all feel about Tri-tip?

You're probably wondering how much this is going to cost you, our beloved Corbin Times reader, to attend? Not a solitary red cent... all you have to do is register and show up! Alright, keep your schedule open on July 3rd and pre-register HERE or you may just end up with a hot dog!

Stay tuned, more info to come just as soon as we have it!

* * * McHOLIDAY * * *
March 17th is coming up and you know what that means... it's Saint Patrick's Day! This is truly one of the best excuses ever for quaffing a pint or three. I would like to point out that this year St. Paddy's Day is immediately followed by Thursday which is also a fine excuse for quaffing a pint.

St. Patrick's Day Trivia:
*   Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, is credited with driving all of the snakes from The Emerald Isle and into US politics... or something like that.
*   The color originally associated with Saint Patrick was blue, not the green that is so common for the holiday celebration today.
*   It is believed he used the three leaf shamrock to demonstrate Roman Catholic beliefs to pre-Christian Irish. The shamrock symbol and the wearing of such is what spawned the phrase "The wearing of the Green".

Now you know, Happy Saint Patrick's day!

* * * OF SPYDERS & TRIKES * * *
The folks at Can-Am (Bombardier Recreational Products) sure are quick studies.

What's it been, just a year since the Spyder RS hit the streets? They were quick to pick up on the fact that a LOT of Spyder riders were adding luggage and fairings to their bike and going touring. As a result, the 2010 lineup includes an RT model complete with integrated saddlebags and trunk.

We've been a big fan of the Spyder from the get-go as you've probably noticed by the large number of accessories we offer. With a factory touring model hitting the streets, you can bet we'll be all over it with a touring quality saddle. If you're quick, you'll find a few pics of this developing product on our website in the Daily News section HERE or check out the Can-Am section of our site HERE.

I could see your lips moving as you read that last title. Bwaaa-haaa-haaa!

This space is normally reserved for some interesting bit of motorcycle TV, but there just isn't a whole lot of good motorcycle TV lately (I am, however, open to suggestions). Since Chuck gets scads of emails regularly, we thought we'd pass along some of the more inspired addresses, salutations and signatures for your enjoyment. Sorry, no prizes for these, just a doff of the chapeau.

Salutation:   "... we wish you wide roads and rubber trees."
Signature:   The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is when they start making vacuum cleaners.

* * * 'NET NUGGETS * * *
Although the TV landscape was tragically as baren as Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard, the 'Net never ceases to entertain. Proof positive are the following bits of video found on YouTube (of course). Unfortunately neither of them has anything to do with Corbin so I ask that you envision our logo a little bit while watching these. Enjoy!

In Honor of Daytona Bike Week:   DAYTONA 1949
Best Transformer Ever:   NORTON COMMANDO

* * * LAV LIT' * * *
Title: Let Ride
Written by: Sonny Barger
Available: Soon
Review: Well, it's not released yet and Chuck didn't rate an advanced copy so I can't write a review here. Then why, pray tell, would I even mention the book at this time?

The answer it two-fold. First off, it's written by Sonny who happens to be a friend of Mike's so we're excited. Second, it will be available here during our Customer Appreciation Party in July which gives me another opportunity to plug our upcoming event. Devious eh?

Now I wouldn't be so bold as to presume that Sonny will be here to sign said books, but we will certainly extend the invite to him in case his schedule allows.

Thanks again to all who sent messages welcoming me back and we'll c-ya next month,

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
-Thomas Edison
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