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Polaris Slingshot
Our first models are out for the Slingshot and we've got them in the photo studio now! More pics and complete info is forthcoming, but check out these brief details so you get an idea of what's coming.

Designed like a Racing Bucket but sized appropriately for the Slingshot. Contoured in traditional Corbin fashion for comfort.

Corrected Headrests still offer the needed security and safety, but are built to allow clearance for those who wear a helmet when driving.

Included Sunshade is built of stretchy fabric that easily pulls over the seat to provide some shade. One of the first things we noticed was how hot the seats got when sitting out in the sun... here's the fix!

Naturally we build these with all the qualtity materials that have made Corbin seats famous worldwide. A wide range of color / texture options are available for custom looks and the option of heated seating for cooler climates.

For more details, keep an eye on our New Products section.

Can-Am Spyder F3
We've had a lot of requests for our Fleetliner Saddlebags specifically for the Spyder F3 and we're happy to say they're on the way!

As always we take our design cues from the bike itself so our saddlebags look like an extension of the original bodywork and carry the theme through the rear end.

From the rear you can tell how the Corbin saddlebags hug the profile of the Spyder to maintain and smooth, tight line with impresive capacity. Notice also how the doors are being designed to open up and forward so you never lose contents onto the ground.

Although this is still just in the modeling phase, it is clear Corbin's Fleetliner Saddlebags are going to be the perfect blend of form and function. Watch our New Products page for this release soon!

April 1 News
There's a lot of talk about being Green and using sustainable resources in manufacturing. We have a long history of being tree huggers around here so we've taken the challenge to find renewable sources for our materials.

Case in point, is this brilliant new Sea Monkey Ranch we've established at our factory in Hollister. Although we only acquired the property and brought in our herd a short time ago, we hope that we will be able to test our concept later this year.

Fish? Mammals? Quite frankly we don't know what the heck they are, but we've heard their pelts are cherished in some circles for the unique mauve-ish color and remarkably supple touch. We've made seats with Stingray, Ostrich and Cowhide so we're pretty sure this will work!

Two weeks in and we've had mixed success. Although our herd has dwindled to a single animal (we call him Tim) he has grown quite well and seems to relish frolicing carelessly about his ranch. Unfortunately we think our team has grown too attached and probably won't turn him over.

I told you guys it was a bad idea to give him a name!

2001 is Back!
This Partial Streamliner, dubbed 2001, was built back in the 1990's to run at Bonneville by Carl's Speed Shop with help on the bodywork by the Corbin Wizards.

Back then it was extremely unique and created quite a stir in how the "partial-ness" of the streamlining became nearly complete once the rider filled in the gap. It remained 100% compliant with the SCTA rulebook's definition of a Partial Streamliner though more than a few folks cried foul.

Despite the objections, 2001 passed Tech and went on to set records and grace the pages of quite a few motorcycle magazines too. Years later most partial streamliners have followed suit and the class has never looked the same. History lesson concluded.

After a decade on hiatus, 2001 is being brought back into action with a new powerplant and updated body design. Once it's complete, Carl's son Doug will once again take the helm in search of Land Speed Records. We'll keep you posted!

Bike Week
Inside the Corbin showroom in Ormond Beach, Joe Petrali apears to be checking out Mike's new Indian Scout.

He's not the only one either! We're entering the final weekend of Bike Week in Florida with only a couple more days left of this annual event. We have some great inventory and a friendly staff standing by to consult on your saddle needs.

As always we're offering a 10% rally discount to all purchases made on location during the event and if we have it in stock, installation is free.

The Corbin showroom is easy to find and just a short hop from Rossmeyer's Harley-Davidson. Click HERE for complete info.

Emma's Norton Commando
We get a lot (and we do mean a LOT!) of really nice bikes in our ride in department, but sometimes one of them has a little sumthin' that makes us stop and take note.

This 1970 Norton Commando built by Emma B is a perfect example of this phenomenon. This British classic is more resto-mod than Concours restoration, but it was so tastefully done that it looks like it could have come this way from the factory.

Notice the painted fenders, the 16" wheel that allows for more modern rubber and of course that gorgeous metallic Midnight Green paint and 24 carat goldleaf logo. As Emma pointed out to us, this bike actually has less chrome on it than an original bike... instead what you see is polished aluminum and stainless steel. Wow.

Emma did all the work herself except for the seat, which just happens to be a very popular part of ours. If you want to check out our Norton Commando seat or a few more pics of this nice bike, just click on over to our Norton page HERE.

Can-Am Spyder F3
We just got our hands on the new Sport Crusing Spyder model from Can-Am... or as it's commonly called, the Spyder F3.

This newest model from the folks at BRP has a very cool, agressive look and is the first of its kind to feature adjustable ergonomics via movable footpegs and four different length handlebars. Naturally Corbin will set out to perfect these ergo's with a touring quality saddle.

It's a bit early to speculate on any details, but keep an eye on this space for continuing info while the R&D team sets to work.

Corbin's R&D team is hard at it with a selection of hot new toys in the works. Keep an eye on this page and our New Products section for fresh releases.

Indian Scout Solo
The first of our new saddle designs for the 2015 Indian Scout is now available!

In keeping with the vintage design of the Scout, the Corbin team started our product offerings with a Classic Solo Saddle. Engineered to provide the best possible combination of form and function with looks that fit perfect to the bike and a wide range of color and material options.

Corbin's Classic Solo provides excellent comfort with ergonomically engineered seating and firm support via our exclusive Comfort Cell foam. This saddle also has the option of electric heat and accepts our removable rider backrest for added long range support.

Get all the details by checking our NEW PRODUCTS PAGE and look for our Scout Brave saddle in the next couple days!

Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge
Craig Vetter's Fuel Economy Challenge will be adding the Hollister Rally to the calendar and will have a Challenge Ride departing from Corbin's Workshop on July 4th 2015.

Racing for the Right Reasons! Ride a hundred miles at posted speed limits and see who consumes the least energy as measured in dollars and cents. All classes are open including Gasoline, Diesel, Electric and anything else you can think of.

Depart 9am Saturday July 4, 2015 from the Corbin factory in Hollister, California. Ride 50 miles through beautiful California countryside to a short break at a coffee shop. Then back to historic Hollister and a ride up the main drag during the rally.

For complete information, keep an eye on our Hollister Rally page and also at

Hollister Rally
July 3-5, 2015
The Hollister Rally is back in 2015. Join us at the Corbin factory all Fourth of July week for custom seats, free installation and rally discount!
2014 Wrap up HERE

On The Road

Quail M/C Gathering
May 16
Pebble Beach, CA

Laconia M/C Week
June 13-21
Laconia, NH

Hollister Rally
July 3-5
Hollister, CA

Sturgis Bike Week
August 3-9
Sturgis, SD

Remember Corbin's rally incentive, 10% off all Corbin accessories sold at show! See you there!

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