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Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge
Craig Vetter's Fuel Economy Challenge will be adding the Hollister Rally to the calendar and will have a Challenge Ride departing from Corbin's Workshop on July 4th 2015.

Racing for the Right Reasons! Ride a hundred miles at posted speed limits and see who consumes the least energy as measured in dollars and cents. All classes are open including Gasoline, Diesel, Electric and anything else you can think of.

Depart 9am Saturday July 4, 2015 from the Corbin factory in Hollister, California. Ride 50 miles through beautiful California countryside to a short break at a coffee shop. Then back to historic Hollister and a ride up the main drag during the rally.

For complete information, keep an eye on our Hollister Rally page and also at

2015 Indian Scout
It's our first day back in the shop from The Holidays and we've already lined up some new scoots to work on.

Mike spent the afternoon getting aquainted with the new Indian Scout so we could get right on developing seats for it. First hand experience dictates the stock tush cushion won't get you much past 100 miles so we're expediting this baby.

Development continues on a pair of race/touring seats for the Polaris Slingshot and two seat models and a Fairing for the Triumph Thunderbird Commander. We also just got a line on the new Yamaha FZ-07 and are hoping to bring that into R&D in the next couple of days.

As always, watch THIS PAGE for new products as they become available.

30 Year Anniversary
That's right, three decades! Think about that for a second... when Vince started at Corbin, TV dramas Dynasty and Dallas ruled the airwaves. So much time has passed that Dallas is BACK on TV as a new generation! * Whew *

A hearty congratulations to Vince for his outstanding contribution and longevity here at America's favorite saddlemaker. With the earning of his 30 year plaque (presented by Mike Corbin during a staff assembly), Vince joins a very exclusive club of just four people. Namely Mike Corbin, wife Beverly, Rosa Sanchez and now Vince.

Lately Vince has been busy developing the latest incarnation of Corbin's Sparrow electric car. You can see some of that right HERE.

The Slingshot Has Arrived!
As you may recall, Corbin has a bit of a history with three wheeled vehicles. So when we heard that Polaris was going to release an open cockpit trike, we signed on the dotted line and begged for an early model.

Over our Thanksgiving holiday break, the beastie finally arrived and Mike even had time to put some mileage on it before bringing it into the shop where we promptly lined up for our turn at the wheel.

As luck would have it, there was a break in the weather just long enough to snap a couple pics and wear a little rubber off the tires. This also gave us the opportunity to come up with some ideas for new Slingshot products naturally.

As always, we would love to hear your requests and you can keep up with our Slingshot progress HERE.

New Sparrow in Development
The Sparrow concept has been dormant for years, but that spark has always remained (pun intended). With components and technology much more abundant now, Mike is resurecting the Sparrow design for 2015.

The Sparrow 2 shape has been in the works for awhile now but the finished design in drawing ever closer. We've pulled molds off the design and are now breaking it down into individual components. Not a lot of detail to supply now, but we thought a few behind the scenes pics might be fun. Enjoy!

* Image 1 * Image 2 * Image 3 * Image 4 * Image 5 *

Ongoing Sparrow info is HERE.

Visual Configurator Beta!
This has been a long time coming and something we've wanted on our website for almost a decade. It seems the only people that wanted this more than us was YOU!

Nary a week goes by that someone doesn't ask us why we don't have some means of visualizing a custom seat. The answer is simple... because it's hard! With millions of potential combinations of materials, it's not as simple as just shooting a few photos or sitting someone down with Photoshop. Really, we tried!

Regardless of the hurdles, we're on the verge of releasing an online visual seat configuration tool. It's still in development now, but we're planning a Worldwide Beta test starting on this very website November 26, 2014.

Please mark your calendar for Nov 26th and come back to check it out. Click HERE for more info.

Hollister Mayor Ignacio Velazquez
"Moving Hollister Forward" is the tag line used by our first elected Mayor and we've seen results in his first term. We're now hoping to continue this trend and urge Hollister city residents to re-elect Ignacio.

In the two years since he was elected, Mayor Velazquez has turned a budget deficit into a surplus, saved the city $4 million by refinancing bonds, reinforced our fire departments, improved our city parks and brought back the Hollister Motorcycle Rally! That's a pretty good record and we're hoping to stay on this path.

We're aware that few who see this are Hollister voters, but for the many who enjoy the town's signature rally we thought you'd find the information relevant. Just doing our small part to encourage this forward thinking and solid town growth.

For more info, visit his Facebook page HERE.

Hollister Rally
July 3-5, 2015
The Hollister Rally is back in 2015. Join us at the Corbin factory all Fourth of July week for custom seats, free installation and rally discount!
2014 Wrap up HERE

On The Road

Chopper Fest
Dec 14
Ventura, CA

Remember Corbin's rally incentive, 10% off all Corbin accessories sold at show! See you there!

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