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First Seat for Octane
The boys in R&D have set new speed standards in saddle design by releasing our first seat model for the Victory Octane already... Just twelve days after getting the bike!

Due to the sporty design of the Octane, we started with our classic Gunfighter Saddle that pairs excellent rider comfort with a fast, sporty look.

Notice how the tail section is sculpted just like the tank and fender for a totally integrated look while the front seat offers over five inches of vertical back support for long range comfort. Naturally it's all wrapped up in a custom cover made to order with leather seating panels included.

Fresh out of the photo studio, the Octane Gunfighter saddle will be listed on our New Products page soon.

Victory Octane
The just released 2017 Victory Octane has arrived at Corbin's for seat development!

The team has already gathered around to discuss the possilities and what seat models we could make for this great looking bike. First on the list in our Gunfighter saddle which is already under way.

Naturally we'd love to hear from you! If you have any special requests for this model (or any other for that matter), just drop 'em to the Corbin R&D team directly through our Product Request form.

Keep your eyes on this page for new developments and of course it'll show up on our New Products page just as soon as it's complete.

NEW Hollister Rally Website
Roadshows Inc is on the job and making things happen for the 2016 edition of the Historic Hollister Motorcycle Rally.

Although the scheduled date had switched previously, it is now confimred the rally will take place on its traditional date centered around Independence Day weekend. If that sounded a little convoluted, how about this... July 1-3, 2016.

As always, the downtown area will be devoted to the event and closed to automotive traffic. There will be a bike show, motorcycle centric vendors, poker runs, festival foods and much more. Just two miles north of town, Corbin will be hosting our annual Open House and will be offering a rally discount and free installation of Corbin goodies.

Keep up on rally info by checking in at our Rally Page and at the official website right HERE.

Honda CB1100
Corbin's R&D team has just released a new saddle model for the classically styled Honda CB1100.

Although we've had a two-up Gunfighter & Lady saddle available for some time now, there has been an ever increasing demand for a solo styled model. Ask and you shall receive...

Corbin's new Gunfighter saddle provides excellent comfort up front with a slick fastback design. Although designed specifically for a classic sportbike look, the Gunfighter tail is padded and upholstered to provide for short trip passengers. As always, this saddle includes genuine leather seating and a host of color / texture options at no extra charge.

Fresh from R&D, look for complete details on this saddle and other new releases on our New Products page.

Veterans Charity Ride
The Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis is sponsored by Indian Motorcycle. They take wounded and amputee veterans on Indian motorcycles and in sidecars to the Sturgis rally.

The mission and purpose is to get veterans outdoors, back into the environment, experiencing life and moving again. Changing and saving lives with Motorcycle Therapy!

Corbin is proud to have been considered to provide a seat for Sean's Indian Scout trike. An Iraq war veteran, Sean has been unable to ride since he was gravely injured in 2004. With the help of Indian Motorcycle, Champion Trikes and a long list of other good folks, Sean will ride again!

Get complete information on this fantastic organization and the crew of folks making this a reality right HERE.

Jason Pullen Stunts
Check out this set of custom Wall seats we just finished up for Jason Pullen and team complete with high traction Grabber seating and embroidered signature on the tail.

While stunt riding is not exactly our cup of tea (we prefer to keep both wheels on the ground thank you very much), you have to admit they're fun to watch! One of our all time favorites is this guy right here; Jason Pullen.

Besides being an extremely talented stunt rider, Jason happens to be the first stunter we'd ever seen tossing around a Harley as opposed to the more common streetbike. And since we like to watch his show at every opportunity, we're sponsoring his appearance at the Hollister Air Show in June.

If you'd like to catch an eyeful, just check in over at the Hollister Airshow Website or Facebook page for dates and times.

Hollister Rally News
Great news from last night's Hollister City Council meeting, the 2016 Independence Day Rally is confirmed!

The Council voted 3-2 in favor of awarding a contract to Roadshows Inc., an entertainment booking and event management company based in Reno, NV. If that name sounds familiar, it's probably because they are the folks responsible for the Street Vibrations Rally that pops off twice a year in The Biggest Little City in the World. The Rally team will be headed up by Randy Burke, Tom Racel and Brian Holt who, between them, have a combined 75 years of rally management experience.

We would also like to take this moment to thank Police Chief Dave Westrick, Mayor Ignacio Velazquez and the City Council for their steadfast support of making the Hollister Rally a successful event that will live on for many years to come. So mark your calendars (in PEN this time) as the Hollister Rally is set for July 1-3, 2016.

To keep up on rally events, just check in over at our Hollister Rally page.

Hollister Rally
The Hollister Rally is ON. Mark your calendar for July 1-3 2016 and don't forget, you can join us at the Corbin factory for custom seats, free installation and rally discount!
2015 Wrap up HERE

On The Road

Quail MC Gathering
May 14, 2016
Pebble Beach, CA

Born Free Rally
June 25-26, 2016
Silverado, CA

Hollister Rally
July 1-3, 2016
Hollister, CA

Sturgis Rally
August 8-14, 2016
Sturgis, SD

Street Vibrations
Sept 21-25, 2016
Reno, NV

Oct 13-16, 2016
Daytona Beach, FL

Remember Corbin's rally incentive, 10% off all Corbin accessories sold at show! See you there!

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