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BMW S1000 XR
It's here... IT'S HERE! We've been getting a truly staggering amount of requests to make a seat for this bike and we're happy to report it's under way!

Take a look at the stock seat and it becomes pretty clear what all the noise is about. This thing is stunning... Look at these creative shapes and cool angles! I wouldn't want to actually have to SIT on it, but it's really kind of neat to look at.

With that snarky bit of editorializing behind us, we'll be getting to work on a more traditional rider-centric tush cushion and will post the results here in just a couple weeks. Sooner if we can squeeze in a little update here or there!

Naturally, you can always check our New Products page as it will land there as soon as it's available.

Slingshot Group
Last Saturday we were happy to welcome a group ride at Corbin's Workshop in Hollister with a couple dozen Polaris Slingshots in attendance. This exciting three wheeler has quickly gained an enthusiastic following in the motorcycle industry and it was really fun to see such a good sized group out enjoying the California weather.

Corbin's location in Hollister makes a good place to meet up as there are good roads in every direction and Hollister is easy to get to from just about anywhere... not to mention Wizard's Cafe where you can relax and have a bite before or after your ride ;o) .

Naturally we were proud to have the opportunity to show off our own Slingshot featuring Corbin's Sport Bucket Seats and newly released Fleetliner Saddlebags which have already proven extremely popular.

Getting together with your buddies for a ride this weekend? Keep us in mind, both the Wizard's Cafe and the Corbin's Workshop are open Saturdays.

Complete information on our Slingshot Accessories can be found right HERE.

Vetter Challenge Recap
"Racing for the Right Reasons"... It's the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge!

Saturday, July 4, 2015, 10 AM: Twenty two motorcyclists saddled up at the Corbin factory and rode forty miles to Santa Nella and back thru the beautiful California countryside and over Pacheco Pass.

The Challenge is open to all entries including streamliners, electrics and diesel machines with the bike that consumes the least amount of energy (measured in dollars and cents) declared the winner. The winner of this leg of The Challenge achieved 177 mpg!

For a complete recap of The Challenge just click HERE.

Jesse James' West Coast Choppers
The 75th Sturgis Rally at Corbin's Comfort Corner on Lazelle street (click HERE for details and an area map).

If you like Jesse's custom bikes, impressive metal fabrications or just want to check out his new line of firearms, then Sturgis is the place to be this week.

If you're itching to meet him, Jesse says he'll be on location this week Monday - Thursday (August 3-6, 2015) from 2pm until .... well, until "sometime". That's about as specific as we can expect someone to be at the Sturgis rally.

Also located at Corbin's Corner you'll find Heli-Bars, Wizard's Products, Innovative Storage Solutions, Vantage Vision and, of course, the World Famous Corbin Saddles.

The Place: 1601 Lazelle Street, Sturgis, SD. Across from J&P and just a block down the road from Harley-Davidson at the Civic Center.

Polaris Slingshot
Corbin's Fleetliner Saddlebags for the Slingshot are fresh out of R&D just in time to make the drive out to Sturgis for their first public release!

Corbin saddlebags are designed to compliment the looks of the bike while providing the locking storage you need for traveling. Our sculpted design emulates the Slingshot so well, our local dealer says it looks like their stock models are missing something.

Molded to fit the shape of the Slingshot on the outboard side while the interior wall is designed to maximize capacity and provide over 100 liters of combined storage.

If you're headed for The Black Hills rally, stop by and check them out in person at Corbin's Comfort Corner. Naturally they'll be in our New Products section too in just a few days.

Charlie MacArthur 1928 - 2015
The EV world lost a powerful activist and ally this past weekend. Charles MacArthur, AKA "altenergyinventor" of Sangerville, Maine died in the company of his family on Saturday 7/18/2015, at age 87.

Charlie was a lifelong advocate of renewable energy, electric vehicles and alternatives to fossil-fuel transportation. In 1974 he traded a hot air balloon of his design for one of Corbin's first production electric motorcycles and the two have been friends ever since.

Our thoughts are with his family and many, many friends. Inside EVs has written a nice tribute to Charlie on their blog HERE.

Charlie was an inventor and had an amazingly adventurous spirit... he will be missed. If you are more of the "watching" type, we encourage you to check out this You-Tube series, called Sea to Sea, where Charlie piloted a Reliant Robin cross-country. If you're familiar with the Reliant Robin, you will understand why this was such an amazing undertaking.

World Competitor Discovered!
Sam Baldi is no stranger to the winners circle, in fact just three years ago he was the winner of the International Master Bike Builders Association (IMBBA) National Competition. Now his latest creation has taken the Best in Show prize at Biker Bob's Memorial Bike Show presented by Corbin.

Taking place at Corbin's workshop during the annual Hollister Rally, this show has just become the first bike show in California to award IMBBA points. As if to punctuate this exciting change, the points Sam earned with his Best in Show placing has garnered him an invite to the IMBBA World Competition in Dubai UAE.

You can read the release from IMBBA right HERE.

For a complete list of Bike Show winners, our 2015 Follow-Up, Image Galleries and continuing information regarding the Hollister Rally, please view our Rally Page.

Hollister Rally Weekend!
Fourth of July weekend is upon us and the Corbin lot is buzzing with folks setting up for the rally weekend.

Today (Thursday) is setup day and a few weekend vendors got in bright and early to be ready for the big weekend. Already in place you can see, RKA Accessories, Bull-It Jeans and Custom Chrome anchoring the corner.

There's still a lot more coming on-site and the rally officially kicks off tomorrow for the long holiday weekend. Naturally we'll be hosting our annual open house and offering a 10% rally discount on all Corbin products to boot.

The Corbin factory is located just two miles north of the downtown rally center. Get more rally and lodging info HERE.

Popp Over America
Popp Over America is an episodic TV show/web series currently in development by New York City musician and motorcyclist, Joe Popp. The dates for shooting the pilot have been set for July 8 - 11, 2015.

When Joe contacted us about his planned motorcycle adventure and the potential for a little Corbin exposure via his show, our first reaction was "Hell no, get out of my office!" But then we realized it was just a severe case of jealousy... plus he wasn't in our office.

Clearer heads prevailed and we sent Joe a New Saddle for the trusty VFR that would be carrying said musician and instrument around the lower 48. After all, how could he be expected to sing for his supper if all he could think about was being saddle sore at the end of the day? Truly we had to do something!

All kidding aside, we're pretty enthusiastic about the concept of his show and wish him all the best for entertaining (and safe) travels. Read more about Popp Over America on his site HERE.

Hollister Rally
July 1-3, 2016
The Hollister Rally is back in 2016. Join us at the Corbin factory all Fourth of July week for custom seats, free installation and rally discount!
2015 Wrap up HERE

On The Road

Street Vibrations
Sept 23-27
Reno, NV

Oct 15-18
Ormond Beach, FL

Lone Star Rally
Nov 5-8
Galveston, TX

Remember Corbin's rally incentive, 10% off all Corbin accessories sold at show! See you there!

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