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World's First Heated AND Cooled Motorcycle Seat. Click the pic!

Holiday Schedule
Corbin R&D needs bikes! Willing to loan us yours? Check the list of our currently most wanted HERE.

Sparrow Micro-site is now online. Click HERE.

Rally Schedule
Rally Truck
We'll be setup in front of the Silver Legacy Casino in the heart of the Reno action. Click pic for details.

New Sparrow Drive Design
The original 300 Sparrows were propelled by a DC (Direct Current) motor. These drives were very reliable and offered operating longevity. The Sparrow II will be driven by a 3 phase AC (Alternating Current) motor. This new drive offers the highest form of electric motor configuration and efficiency with 35 peak hp and 10 hp continuous duty.

To develop and test the AC system, Mike's original Sparrow #100 is being retrofitted to the AC motor. With our newly revamped machine shop capable of complex billet components Vince and Armando designed a motor mount and swingarm assembly to hang the new powerplant. With more carefully designed aluminum components like this we hope to remove gross vehicle weight from Sparrow II.

Keep your eye on the Sparrow, the best flights are yet to be launched.
Motor Mount Motor Mount Billet Parts Motor Mount Motor Mount

Left Mount Left Mount Hangers Swingarm Hub / Swingarm

Hub Assembly Drive Sprocket Installing Swingarm Swingarm Swingarm Assembly

Body Panels Body Panels Swing Arm Nearly Done Driven Pully

Installed Installed Installed Installed Installed
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