August 10th 2012
Harry Eddy

During the 2012 Laconia Bike Week Rally, we decided to give our aging 2008 C14 a facelift. In honor of our new Horizon ST Adjustable Handlebar being outfitted to 10 Arizona Highway Patrol C14-Ps, we decided to paint our bike the way we feel the police bike should look. Beautiful and Demanding of attention! Our choice of color and graphics was only half of the makeover!

The first modification was Corbin's Reduced Width Lids on our C14 saddlebags, which up until now was only available for police bike' built. These modified lids reduce the overall width of the bike by 6". That's a Huge amount. To offset the reduction of bag capacity, we also attached a Corbin Smuggler onto the passenger area. The final modification was to match the color of our Horizon ST handlebars to the paint on our bike, to blend and also highlight them. It worked!

This year we decided to ride our bikes to to Sturgis. We shipped them from Maine to Hollister, CA. so we could join our friend Mike on his annual migration there. What better way to test the most comfortable Sport Touring bike in the world, than to burn an entire tank of fuel without ever putting your feet down until the next fuel stop.

Rt. 6 in Nevada is a great place to pick up the pace and put miles behind you, while enjoying the scenery. To my amazement, the Reduced Width Saddlebags have a profound effect on high speed stability. Before the modifications, my bike would suffer from unexpected minor wobbles in the front end with the right combinations of road, wind, and speed. Now it rides completely unaffected by all three! The roads through Yosemite, Nevada, Idaho, and Montana were pure motorcycle heaven to ride.