Just received my custom build seat for my 2007 HD-FXDSE. As I unpacked the carefully wrapped package, excitement increased. I was impressed and WOWED! It matches my bike perfectly. The quality is show class. I will have to wait a couple weeks before installing as the bike is getting some tuning and I was concerned with possible dirty coveralls staining the gold thread stitching. On return I will however take before and after photos which I will send to Corbin. Thanks to everyone for the care and superb quality for every part of the build process.

Steffan Varnel
Calgary, Canada

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Hey all, just wanted to let you know my seat arrived and it looks beautiful. Went on in a snap and the V-rail is awesome looking. The stitching and material top of the line.

I called in a few weeks ago to order a seat. I did lots of research and decided Corbin, but I did not want to wait for custom time frame. Lucky for me they had one in stock. I did have to call back a couple times and good thing since the seat I thought I was getting was not it. They had me getting a brown one, not the black I ordered. I did talk to a Tech Rep. and he changed all the information and got the right one ordered. This one had no studs, but I told thim no problem send them to me, I will have them done. He said he was going to throw in a bottle of conditioner for my delay. Seat arrived yesterday and to my surprise the studs were on the seat. Thanks So Much!!! And I still got the conditioner! Like I said, looks great and it is suppose to be 60 this weekend in Colorado, so guess what I will be doing? Time to break it in!

Thanks All!
Jill Brake