I am very happy with customer service and product. When I ordered the saddle I spoke with Vincent. I told him my bike is in California at a winter home and I live in Canada, so the saddle had to be delivered when I would be there to receive it. No problem, it arrived on the morning of my 2nd day in California.

When ordering I thought I knew what I wanted, but I asked Vincent if he had any suggestions. He did and explained to me why he thought I would be happier with his choices. When I received my saddle, I realized he made good choices. I would not have been as happy with my own. Now that I have about 1000 miles on it, I can say it has made my Multi the bike I always wanted it to be.

Very happy with the looks and comfort. It's so much more comfortable than the stock seat, I've never really felt I was breaking it in.

Carl Clarkstone
Cahedral City, CA
Port Alberni, BC, Canada