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We'll be setup in front of the Silver Legacy Casino in the heart of the Reno action. Click pic for details.
Honda Paint Matches

Model Year Color
Any Bike All Corbin Gloss Black
VFR2 2006 Pearl White
VFR2 **** Candy Glory Red
VFR 2004 Asphalt
VFR 2003 Force Silver Metallic
VFR 1998 - 2004 Italian Red
VFR 1998 - 2004 Yellow
VFR 1994 - 1997 Pearl Red
VFR / CBR All Cosmic Black
CBR-XX All Silver
CBR-XX All Candy Red
CBR-XX All Titanium
CBR-XX All Candy Blue
CBR-XX All Darkness Black (Metallic)
VTX Models All Gloss Black
VTX Models All Durango Red (Candy Red)
VTX Models All Illusion Blue
VTX Models All Jupiter Orange (Candy)
VTX 1800 2002 Illusion Red
VTX 1800 2002 Orion Silver Metallic
VTX 1800 2003 Uranium Green
VTX-R `02 - `03 Sunburst Orange (Pearl)
VTX-R 2003 Stream Silver (Metallic Silver)
VTX-R 2005 Challenger Brown (Titanium)
VTX 1300 2005 Kelley Magenta Metallic
VTX-NEO 2005 Billet Silver
VTX-NEO 2005 Nova Blue
VTX **** Corona Blue
VTX **** Portland Gray
VTX **** Kelly Magenta
VTX **** Colombia Blue
VTX **** Orange Candy
Rune All Candy Black Cherry
Rune All Double Clear Black
Rune All Illusion Blue
ST 1100 **** Candy Wine
ST 1300 2003 Tower Silver Metallic
ST 1300 2004 Pearl Coronado Blue
ST 1300 **** Digital Silver
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