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Converting a BMW Low K

This information came from a customer of ours that did all of the homework for us. Since it did not come directly from BMW, we cannot guarantee that the information is correct, complete and up to date. Having said that, here is a list of part numbers that you will need if you plan to convert your Low K into a standard K-bike. The parts are estimated to cost approximately $200.00 plus various metric nuts and bolts for the hardware. These prices are UNPAINTED, so figure that into your final cost.

46-63-1-453-639 side cover
46-63-1-453-640 side cover
46-63-1-455-071 spring (need 2)
46-63-1-455-216 edge moulding (need 2)
52-53-1-456-054 bushing (need 2)
31-25-1-453-653 dual seat lock
52-53-1-451-213 bow
52-53-1-451-650 bracket
52-53-1-453-364 bracket
52-53-1-455-122 bracket
52-53-1-451-209 bracket
52-53-1-451-212 bracket

Your local BMW dealer can order the parts for you and most likely recommend a good painter!