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Holiday Schedule
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Can-Am Spyder F3 for Sale

Sorry, this bike has been sold!
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Just $21,873 Just $21,873 Just $21,873 Just $21,873 Just $21,873

Just $21,873 Just $21,873 Just $21,873 Just $21,873 Just $21,873

Just $21,873 Just $21,873 Just $21,873 Just $21,873 Just $21,873

We used this bike for new product development and for display at rallies because the Spyder has been so hot these last few years. Naturally it garnered a few miles in the interest of "product testing", but this neat machine currently has just 4,583 miles on the clock!

Can-Am says:

Exhilaration, however you like it! The cruising riding position of the Spyder F3 enables you to sit back and confidently take in the scenery and enjoy a thrilling ride.
Take that a few steps further with the addition of Corbin's range of accessories and some nifty bits from our pal Lamonster and you've got quite a deal here! Here's how it shakes out:

2015 Spyder F3 (as equipped)     link       $22,559.00
Corbin Dual Tour Saddle         link       $853.00
Corbin Adjustable Backrest         link       $218.00
Can-Am F3 Detachable Passenger Rest     link       $559.00
NEW Corbin Passenger Back/Arm Rest     link       $393.00
Corbin Solo Seat & Smuggler Trunk     link       $1137.00
Corbin Fleetliner Saddlebags     link       $1968.00
Lamonster Frame Caps     link       $160.00
Lamonster 3rd Peg with Chevron     link       $160.00
Lamonster Bolt Bling & Bar Ends     link       $90.00
Lamonster IPS Key Cover     link       $70.00

Total Value as Equipped:       $28,167.00
Buy it Now for:       $21,873.00

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